Now that you know the Cybermonsters, it’s time to take some simple steps to keep your business safe.

1. Start changing the passwords to your most sensitive accounts (banking, health information, retailers you frequently shop at), Make sure each account has a different password.
2. Turn on auto-updates and keep your devices, systems, apps, and websites updated to close the open holes Cybermonsters could exploit to enter your organization.
3. Avoid opening attachments or links you are unable to confirm as safe. Continue practicing mindfulness every day and don’t fall for the techniques Cybermonsters use to trick you.
4. Remove administrative rights from your employees’ computers. If Cybermonsters get access to your employees’ computers, your employees and your entire business will be at risk.
5. When a contractor, employee, or business partner is no longer part of your company, remove ALL their access to your computer, devices and data. This simple step can prevent many losses – and headaches.
6. Raising our level of awareness is a healthy way to protect ourselves. Create a list and identify your most sensitive and precious information and document who has access to it. Limit the access to information you truly care about.
7. Invest in Cybersecurity training for your employees so that protecting important data can become second nature to them. Having cyber-savvy and cyber-aware employees will reduce the chance of them being vulnerable.
If you’re already taking these steps - I’m proud of you and it’s time to think of what your next step could be as you move forward on your cyber safety journey. If you haven’t yet started to take any of these steps - I’m proud of you because you’re still reading, learning, and considering your first step to protect your business. You know the famous saying: “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. “These 7 steps may not feel simple right now, so I’m going to ask you, which of these feels doable? As the action taker that you are, I encourage you to commit to one thing. Every bit of progress counts! As a consultant and coach, I love that I get to walk this path with so many amazing women, as they go from cyber-scared and cyber-overwhelmed to cyber-savvy and cyber-confident. It is possible! Helping women in business and women entrepreneurs is my way to honor Sandra’s contribution to my own journey, and how I get to lift as I climb.

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