Improve your state of health by improving your relationship with your body. Relationships are improved by communication. Your body is no different, tune in and sense what’s going on with it, and support your body by doing these 7 simple yet important activities daily:

1. Breathe—take time to inhale fresh air. The first step is to breathe deeply. Many people breathe too shallow; especially when they are under stress. Outdoor air is preferred to indoor air at least once a day, yet that depends on the air quality outside. Breathing in air is part of breathing in life. It will improve your quality of life to breathe deeply.

2. Water—Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated for clearer thinking, better elimination & the highest level of functionality. Have you ever tried washing your dishes in two inches of water? That paints a picture of how difficult it is for a dehydrated body to function. Drinking other beverages does not count in your daily water intake. If you are one who doesn’t drink water regularly, set this one goal, and notice how your body responds. You may be surprised by the health results.

3. Nutrition—nurture your body by taking in good food that is nutritious and enjoyable to eat. This is a key to keeping your body well fueled. Supplementation may be required to have the balance we don’t get from our foods. There is no one diet for everyone; different ages, different seasons, different needs for your particular body. Pay attention to how your body responds to certain foods. By being aware, you are able to feel what supports your body with life nurturing energy, and what does not. Your body has an innate intelligence and when you pay attention to it, and it will let you know what it needs.

4. Move your body and feel how your joints, muscle and bones are doing; tune into the sensations. Find activities that you enjoy that involve getting your heart rate up and breathing while moving. Stretch your muscles regularly and keep the body working by doing what it is designed to do…..move.

5. Sunlight—Get out into sunlight for a period of time every day, if possible. Your emotional and physical wellbeing is fed by light. Through sunlight, we receive vitamin D3 and other minerals. And it will improve your outlook on life to give yourself natural light. It is one of the best anti-depressants around.

6. Rest—Rest is not exclusively sleep. Yes, a good night’s sleep is crucial to feeling alert during the day, but how about those recesses? Your productivity will go up if you honor your body’s own natural rhythms by taking regular breaks. When you come back to whatever you were doing, you can come back refreshed.

7. Embrace your body right now. Express gratitude for what features you appreciate about you, and what is functioning well or what you have been able to experience because you have a body. From gratitude, it is possible to move into a place of acceptance of what you don’t like as well. Celebrate the improvements in perception of your body, and that will reflect in the way you carry yourself.

I invite you to value your body, which is your life vehicle, and build a cooperative relationship with it.

Author's Bio: 

Linda Radford facilitates empowering sessions of healing where she helps people reconnect to their inner strength, guidance and clarity. She encourages them to tap into their own intuition to find what is true for them, rather than mostly relying on outside opinion. Her way of authentically seeing people in their highest possibilities opens them up to discover the best in themselves. Linda is a catalyst for clarity and purpose in all aspects of life from career to personal and professional relationships.