Lifestyle. What does lifestyle mean to you? Lifestyle can best be defined:


What does improved lifestyle mean to you? Does it mean:
1. More money in the bank?
2. Boat?
3. New car?
4. Love?
5. Better relationships?
6. Good health?

All of the above points are correct. There are no wrong answers. Improved lifestyle means happiness to YOU.

The seven step process that I mention here can be applied at any time in your life and should be done on a regular basis. I have just applied this seven step process myself and I have achieved happiness by marrying the lady of my dreams. It was a long process in my life to find the lady of my dreams. It was not an easy road to travel to find the right lady but by following my seven step process, I have been able to fulfil one of my dreams. I shall be applying my seven step process again to fulfil my next dream.

I have improved my lifestyle in one area by fulfilling the happiness in my life. You can achieve a better lifestyle too. It is up to YOU to improve your lifestyle.

Here is Step 1 - Present Situation from my EBook - 7 Step Process on Improving Your Lifestyle.

Step 1 – Present Situation

Ask yourself this question – are you happy with your present lifestyle?

I am sure that you will agree with me that your lifestyle could be better. Every person in this world could strive for more happiness in their life regardless of age, religion, race or sex. Being happy enables us to have a healthier mind, body and soul. Once we have achieved our own happiness, we can do a lot more in our life to help ourselves and other people.

Take a moment now to review your present lifestyle. Have you been able to improve your lifestyle compared to your lifestyle 5 years ago? If you have improved over the last five years, then this EBook may not help you and I congratulate you for improving your lifestyle. However, if your lifestyle has not improved or got worse, then this EBook is definitely a MUST READ book for you. Just by following my seven step process now, you can start to see some improvement in your lifestyle immediately in some cases.

The most important factor to improve your lifestyle is YOU. You need to have the right mindset to start with otherwise you will not improve your lifestyle. I understand that it can be difficult to clear the negativity from your mind considering you have been in that lifestyle for a while. It is easy to keep the negative thought rather than the positive thought which keeps you pinned down to your present lifestyle. You need to turn your mindset around to keep the positive thoughts in your mind and clear your mind of the negative thoughts. I can discuss more about this topic in our next Ebook.

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From the Desk of
Peter Adams

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Peter Adams has over 30 years of financial experience helping families and business owners improve their lifestyles in Australia and Philippines. Peter enjoys helping those people who want to help themselves. Peter has worked in small to large business across a vast range of industries and has successfully operated his own business for the last eleven years. Peter commenced his own financial business 11 years ago so that he could offer more people the valuable experiences and education that he has learnt during his last 30 years. Peter is in start-up mode with another business.

As a business owner, Peter knows the issues faced by business owners during the boom and downturn cycle as he has been through these issues himself.

Peter has produced his own internet radio shows plus has written many EBooks (published on Smashwords).

Peter’s gift and passion is to help those people that desire help. These are the people who are determined to help themselves.