Your squeeze page is the most important component of your list building efforts and your success will be based upon the effectiveness of this page. Building a list of email addresses you can promote to will save you both time and money when building an online business.

Traffic generation takes time and money so it only makes sense to capture contact information of people who have already responded to your ads. Having a list of email addresses allows you to freely promote to these people time and again. Therefore building a list will help both your sales and business grow that much faster and all with little additional effort or out of pocket costs.

Here are 7 points to consider when building squeeze pages that will make your list building efforts much more effective.

What is the Purpose of this Page

You will be driving people to your site therefore you must determine exactly what it is you want them to do when they land on it. Your determination of this purpose will dictate how you will present content and what the message it conveys should be. Your message will target your objectives!

Does Page & Ad Consistency Exist?

It is important that you maintain relevance between any ads used to generate traffic and the page content itself. If there are inconsistencies it will only confuse the visitor resulting in them leaving your site.

Attention Getting Title

The title found on your site should be consistent with any ads you may use and also with the content found within. The way your ad was developed was to interest or intrigue people enough to visit your site. The title should 'work' off the message the ads started to further build the interest or curiosity of site visitors. You want them to read further down into the text to receive your full message.

Keep Design Simple

Your page design needs to be as simple as possible to avoid or 'eliminate' any distractions for site visitors. Remember your only objective is to collect a list of email addresses so keep it simple and stay focused on that objective. The use of graphics should be minimal if any at all, and relevant to the content found on the page.

Link to Only One Location

Make navigation off this page as simple as your use of graphics. Offer only one location for the visitors to visit. Multiple options will once again cause confusion thereby lessening the impact of the message your content contains.

Tell Visitor What to Do

Make it perfectly clear to visitors what you want them to do and that is to leave their contact information. Place the sign up box in a prominent location above the fold on your site. Remind visitors, in a clear and concise way, to leave their contact information in this box. This reminder should be at the beginning of your content, mid-way down and at the end as well!

One more thing here is to include the offer of a free gift to help entice people to leave the information you seek.

Test Tweak and Test Again

More than any other 'component' of your marketing strategy these pages need to be closely monitored and adjusted to improve performance. Adjustments need to be isolated and minimal so you can better track the results.

Developing an effective squeeze page is the single biggest step you can take towards building a list. If people are reluctant to leave their contact information your list building efforts are wasted. Therefore the way you develop this page is of the utmost importance in regards to your ability to compile a list of email addresses you can easily promote to. The 7 points discussed above should always be considered when developing any squeeze page. If your page addresses these questions and points as reviewed here today, it will boost your list building efforts and grow your business all the more quickly.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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