Many entrepreneurs dream of doing what they love and getting highly paid for it. Not me. I was so off-my-rocker excited about the process of coaching that I left my first coaches training session and went directly to educating people on the power of coaching. I probably seemed like a newbie network marketer who just wants to enroll everyone into her new business.

The money part came later for me. I soon had more clients than I could keep straight and I knew something needed to shift about my business model. No sooner had I thought that thought than a vision I had in coaches training came back to nag me.

In my mind’s eye I saw myself working with no more than ten one-on-one clients at a time and charging them three times my current fee. My desire for an increased fee was so that I could spend more time with each person, give high-level customer service and not feel I was working like a dog.

I wanted to be happy. I wanted to be living my dream job, in my dream business.

It worked. I was so clear about how I wanted to feel on a daily basis that I immediately had clients at my new rate. It felt good to not be running a coaching production line. I liked the spaciousness and the ability to be truly connected to my clients.

Attracting your ideal clients at the fees that you truly desire is not as big of a deal as you might make it out to be. You don’t even have to be good at selling. I know the marketing experts who read this are cringing, but hang with me here for a minute.

Most entrepreneurs can’t stand the thought of having to ‘sell’ their services and products. They want to sell their stuff but they don’t want to be in ‘sales’.

The good news is that it truly comes down to attraction, which is more focused on the being rather than the doing. When how you’re being is aligned with a business full of rockstar clients, you will end up marketing in your most ideal way.

There will be no selling involved, just allowing the perfect peeps to say yes.

Here’s my new school golden rules for attracting high paying clients:

1. Know your desired outcome and how you want to feel, before you exchange a single word (spoken or written) with your potential clients.

2. Be unattached to IMMEDIATE results. If the client says YES tomorrow or next year it will still be exciting.

3. Connect to your Inner Business Expert; it trumps ANY sales strategy.

4. Realize you don’t NEED anyone or any client. When you need them, you begin to move into disconnection and lack. You say and do things that feel wimpy and desperate.

5. KNOW who your ideal client is. I mean really know who would make you say, “HELL YES I want to play with you!” Be strong enough to say no to anyone who doesn’t fit the criteria.

6. Be aligned with your pricing. Forget what the market will bear and what your competitors charge. The only thing that matters is that you are happy with your pricing.

7. Focus on end results and how it will be when your pipeline is full of those clients who pay you what you desire. We put so much energy on HOW we will attract them that we go into our mental mind … not attractive. Leave the how to the universe, please.

Creating a buzz around what you do is pretty simple in essence. Buzz is created by how excited you are about what you offer. Period, the end. If you stay in the power of the passion, you will be connected to your Inner Business Expert, which will lead you to the perfect people, ideas, promotional copy and the perfect words to say to your ideal peeps!

Never ever get caught up in the how and what to say. When you are connecting to your potential client’s heart and your ears are wide open, clients will be waiting in line for you. No matter how high your prices. Really.

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