Stress kills. Maybe not directly but it is definitely one of the leading causes of ailments and diseases worldwide. There are many stress induced ailments that have great potentials of leading to early morbidity or, at the very least, make peoples live full of physical difficulties such as high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, anxiety and hostility among others.

Psychologists maintain that stress develops as a result of the inappropriate way we react to what they call stressors. Stressors are anything in the environment that affects our behavior, our thinking process and physical health in a negative manner.

Coping with stress is actually simple although often we don't see it that way as we don't usually make the time to sit down and consider things. Yet there are many things in our lives that need to be seriously pondered upon if we are to understand how to fend off stress.

1) Understanding our purpose in life and why we are here is definitely the first step towards dealing with stress effectively. It is best for us to slow down a bit and take the time to know who we really are.

2) Having simple wants and desires. Ambition, desire for riches, recognition and fame require time, effort and talent that we might not have in abundance. Frustrations are possible consequences when we can not get what we want, and frustrations are authentic stressors.

3) Live right by eating the right food. Doing regular exercise and getting enough rest. Limit drinking to social drinking and don't smoke. In short, try to live a simple life.

4) Develop social support systems. Humans are social animals. We derive satisfaction from having a satisfying relationship with others. Friendship and love are what make life worthwhile. This means your family and home come first. So give your best to your family and it will give its best to you.

5) Knowing our limitations means that our actions are focused on what is possible. Accomplishments, however insignificant they may seem to others, as long as they give us satisfaction, can boost our confidence. Firm belief in oneself is a good way to deal with stress.

6) Helping others that lead to good feelings for us. Whatever difficulties we encounter in helping others will be adequately compensated by the deed. This is one great way to combat stress.

7) Have a positive outlook in life. This does not mean that we take an overly optimistic outlook on everything because that will be foolhardy. It means that we maintain the opinion that we have a fairly good chance of succeeding in everything that we do. The only way to survive a dangerous stretch is to regard it as a natural part of living.

If you make a decision today that you want more and are tired of living under high stress levels. Applying these 7 steps into your life will create a powerful change, a change you desire deep down.

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