When you are in your 30s, you already have more awareness and maturity about life and especially, having a broad fashion sense. It is important that you project a personal style statement every time you dress up.

There are all kinds of styles. Some have more defined, others pass through evolutions, but generally, when you get to hit a certain age, you know more or less how you want to see, or how you want to design that version of yourself.

Here are some style lessons that we are very excited to share with you:

  1. Your style reflects who you are

It doesn't matter if you have a lot or a little money. What you wear is a reflection of your personality, customs and desires are reflected in the pieces you wear.

  1. Dressing is not a fortuity act

Dressing not only has to do with your personality – as we explained in the previous point – it has to do with your mood, the weather, the occasion, the place where you are going, or the activity that you are going to carry out. This is important to keep in mind so that you don't get dressed badly for important meetings or wear black one day when you feel bad and use some color in your life.

  1. Don’t be afraid to try new things but always do in the right place

Just because you're 30 doesn't mean you can't change, no matter how old you are. Having a defined style does not mean that we cannot try new things, trends, or new styles. Life is evolution, and that is exciting.

The important thing about doing these tests is understanding the time and place. Don't decide to change your hair color the days before your wedding or try new fashion trends in an important job interview. Do experiments on a day out with friends for dinner or on a Sunday for a walk. Change everything you want but do it at the right time and in the right place!

  1. Accessorize a bit differently

You can tip top bangles, earrings, or even different necklaces as you go about your day. However, there’s one important accessory that you might consider adopting now: eyelets. Yes, those eyelets or grommets which you normally find on your jeans and shoes. Those can be added with a unique style. Unlike traditional eyelets, there’s a whole catalog of luxury 3D eyelets in different styles, shapes, and metals at KORTONS.

The global company offers a full-suite of luxury eyelets which are an absolute eye-catching accessory. You can check a list of products on their website and pick a choice of your eyelet. These eyelets are especially created to be a fashion accessory for almost any occasion. The different versions of eyelets at KORTONS allow you to accessorize your style on any occasion, adding a unique touch of 3D eyelets.

  1. Know your body and accept it

The best idea is to know our bodies and learn to dress. This guarantees us to get the best out of ourselves, highlighting our advantages and concealing our shortcomings. We can spend hours wishing to be one way or another, but that will not change the way we have, so the best thing is to accept and love ourselves as we are.

  1. The first impression counts and counts a lot.

Let's face it; the first impression counts and makes a difference. There are indeed people with whom you will have other opportunities, but in some cases, you have only one opportunity to impress someone, do not waste it.

If you have an important date, whether for work or love, don't leave anything to chance. Find ahead of time the look you are going to use, practice the hairstyle and makeup you will use, and not do everything at the last minute.

Try to dress calmly and take care of the details: Clean hair, manicured nails, clean shoes, and ironed clothes.

  1. Invest in fundamentals

Having the quality of basic pieces is key to dressing well. Invest in these clothes all the money that is at your fingertips, and the trend pieces and accessories buy them low cost. A white shirt or a black dress will never go out of style, and you will wear them a thousand times, in different ways, every penny you pay for them will be worth it; however, a seasonal necklace that you will wear for six months should not be the bulk of your clothing budget.

Author's Bio: 

Brooke Whistance is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. She has been living in Los Angeles, California with her family including, her parents two siblings and her cats. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry. Follow her @IamBrooke94 for more!