Step one in preparing your wedding will be establishing the budget. All of the other steps possess a specific thing in common. They all include remaining inside of your wedding budget. Let me reveal a few secrets I have learned , there are lots more. Don’t be afraid to come up with your own personal cash saving strategies.

Secret 1: Do Not Hire a Wedding Consultant

Having said this, I'm going to include that I have nothing against employing a wedding planner. I merely would love you to recognise that if you cannot afford a wedding consultant you don't have to have one.

A lot of individuals like you plan amazing weddings and receptions without a professional. You should definitely ask the ones you love to help. If you are preparing the wedding and reception, DO NOT WASTE TIME!

Secret 2: Do Not Feed Your Attendees a 3 Course Meal

In 6 years from today absolutely no one is going to remember what they ate on your wedding day. They are going to recall You and how happy you were. Feed your guests dessert only. They're there for you, not the food.

Secret 3: Do Not Rent Tuxes for all the Groomsmen

Now there is no rule that says you should pay for the tuxedos. Ask all the guys to have on a black suit and also tell them you will supply corresponding ties. Corresponding ties and suits look wonderful in photographs.

Secret 4: Cut the Photographer out of the Wedding Reception

Obviously you would like wonderful wedding photographs. Employ a professional photographer for the engagement pictures and also for the wedding. Make sure you ask family to take photos of the reception. They will certainly still come out superb.

Secret 5: Have a Fake Wedding Cake

You heard me. I said a Fake wedding cake. You'll find Styrofoam wedding cakes on the internet. Have your wedding cake professional frost the fake cake. It appears real. You can either have the top section of the wedding cake made using real wedding cake or have an alternative cake to slice into at your reception.

Secret 6: Don’t Hire a Wedding DJ or Wedding Band

Great songs and dancing certainly are a must in a wedding reception. That doesn’t imply you have to pay someone to supply music. Nearly all wedding locations have a decent audio system. Simply make a playlist using your iPod or computer. Ask your wedding hall if you're able to plug it in there. The majority of reception centers will say of course.

Secret 7: Ask for Help

You have numerous loved ones who are thrilled for you. They would like you to remember your wedding event a long time. Ask them to help you with the preparing in addition to whatever else you will need. You will be astonished at just how eager your friends and family will be to help you.

Make use of these pointers and talk about them with anybody who is in need of help. Don’t hesitate to try new things. Have a fantastic wedding and reception adventure.

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Ronnie and his wife Katie are full time wedding experts from Salt Lake City, Utah. Together they work to help brides know the Do's and Don'ts of planning a wedding. Ronnie has been writing for three years in hopes to help future brides around the world.