Brothers and sisters share a unique bond. They are each other’s number one foe but at the same time, the love between them is infinite and inexplicable. The fights, the everyday drama, the teasing become a mission of life and that is the beauty of the relationship.

This Rakshabandhan, celebrate the love and beauty of your bond with your brother. Even if he is far off, send online Rakhi for brother and tell him the sweetness of the relationship could never fade. Revive all beautiful memories from the past that you must have shared with each other in childhood.

1.When You Get In Trouble
If it’s about breaking expensive crockery or messing the room, it’s not you but your sibling’s mistake. Blaming the sibling for anything gone wrong becomes your right.

2.The Remote Control
It’s a World War 3 when you both want the remote. You just simply cannot get the remote control.

3.‘Do Not Touch My Stuff’
If your sibling touches your stuff, it gets out of place and you are sure to never find it again. So, the next time you don’t find your stuff, you are enraged and surely shout out loud “Do Not Touch My Stuff.”

4.“You Are Adopted”
You make your sibling feel jealous by saying they are adopted. “No one loves you”, “mom picked you up from the garbage” are some common phrases you use for your sibling.

5.“Who Ate My Chocolate”
You saved a chocolate for yourself in the refrigerator? Well, you won’t find it the next time you open it. Your sibling has a share in every delicious thing you have saved for yourself.

6.“Don’t Tell Mom/Dad”
Flunked in your exams? Going to a late night party? Your sibling is always to your rescue. Bribing them with a chocolate or pocket money is a must!

7.“She Hit Me First”
Got into a scuffle with your sibling and your mom caught you? Well, it was never you who got into the fight but always your sibling who hit you first.

Well, memories created together are many. Now that you have lived so many memories together, it’s time to tell your dear sibling how much you still love and care for them. This Rakshabandhan, no matter how far you both are, add another page to your memories and thank them for being a part of your life.

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Author's Bio: 

This post is written by Shashank Sinha, an all time social media addict who usually write posts related to humour and relationship. In this post, he covered few beautiful memories that every brother and sister share in their childhood.