‘Prevention is so much better than healing because it saves the labor of being sick.’

Yes, absolutely! As the WHO has declared the COVID-19 a pandemic for the human race, wearing a face mask is a common thing being included in our lifestyle. Wearing a face mask has been made mandatory in-country like Israel, Germany, India, and wherever the cases were not slowing down. WHO and CDC and other national international organizations have recommended to use a face mask and maintain social distancing.

Who recommends wearing of N95 face masks and CDC recommends to use a cloth face mask and surgical face mask for all the health workers. People started piling up the face masks. Doctors then recommended that wearing a face mask doesn’t help until you maintain other precautions given. Prior it was a confusion as to how the virus was spreading but as the symptoms of virus spread was found so was the solution.

The number of cases has risen and no degradation has been seen for the past five months. Considering the situation the ways of how to wear a face mask has been made more strict and clear. Getting aware of the situation people stopped piling up face masks and sanitizers. They started maintaining the social distance and carried their PPE kit with them in every public place. However, the cases did not seem to get decreasing WHO released a guideline of how the face mask should be used.

1.Buy 3ply face mask that fits you. N95 face masks are not recommended for people with respiratory problems. 3 Ply face masks have all the necessary elements required for not letting them cross the boundary. ( Search for 3 ply face mask online and buy the authentic premium quality face mask or go for clothed face mask).
2.Wash your hands with soap and water before touching your own face mask.
3.Ensure that the 3 Ply mask is covering your mouth and nose properly. There should be no gaps between your face and the mask the air aerosols passes in the surrounding or to the other person.
4.Try avoiding touching your face mask frequently. If you notice such incidence try sanitizing your hand for 20 seconds with alcohol-based sanitizer or wash hands with soap and water.
5.Carry an extra face mask of cloth or 3 Ply facemask/surgical mask. Replace it with your face mask if it gets damp. Trying using disposable and single-use face mask.
6.While removing your face mask try not touching your nose and mouth. Wash your hands and remove the face mask from behind.
7.Avoid sharing your face mask and do not let anyone touch your face mask.

3ply face masks are mostly recommended apart from the cloth face masks. Buying face mask online is available at various designs and materials. It has become a fashion statement besides delivering the sole purpose of it. It is important to remember that face masks won’t work until you adhere strictly to other precautions given.

The era of the internet has turned to be beneficial at this hour by delivering the face mask in this pandemic situation which has gone out of stock. It has taken local business online and worked on strengthening the national economy. 3Ply face mask was used by doctors but today it is seen worn by every individual.

Author's Bio: 

Saroj Siri is a well-known health advisor with the abilities to keep a track and predict the market trends with the utmost accuracy.