The trucking industry is responsible for almost every sector for the transportation of goods. Truck drivers are responsible for ensuring timely delivery of products from furniture to food items. While travelling across states and cities, they often drive for longer distances. For that, they need to make sure the truck is well maintained and runs smoothly to avoid any mishap.

It is why conducting a pre-inspection before beginning the journey is essential to confirm that the commercial vehicle is safe to operate. To avoid jeopardizing passersby safety and yours, drive cautiously. Neglecting can lead to fatal accidents and can put your job at risk. In addition, an inspection of your truck will enable a safer trip and help perform the job with proper attention. Here is a checklist of all the necessary truck equipment that requires examination before travelling.

Truck equipment that requires pre-inspection

1. Inspect tyres

The most common situation that arises is a flat tyre in any vehicle. As a truck driver, before starting the journey, it is best to have a look at all the tyres. Whether or not they are filled with enough air and do not have any issue. Additionally, it is better to carry a Stepney to avoid staying stuck in case of an emergency.

2. Check the lights and braking system

Truck drivers often have to travel long distances at night. The vehicle's lights should be operating during the journey to avoid accidents. Inspect the reflectors on the cab and the trailer, along with the headlight, taillights and brake lights.

3. Look at the fluid levels

The most important thing to check is the fluid level and coolant levels of the truck. If there is a low level of fluid in the braking system, it can result in fatal accidents. Thus, it is best to have a look at it beforehand. Also, make sure the tank is full while beginning the trip.

4. Doors and mirrors

For a truck driver, the tailor door is the most important one. It carries all the necessary products and items that need to be delivered. To eliminate the chance of mishap it is advisable to examine all the doors. Additionally, before travelling, ensure that the windows are in working condition.

5. Trailer coupling

A critical part that must not be overlooked is the coupling system. Heavy-duty trucks require it to connect the trailer with the unit and ensure safe transportation of cargo. The locking pins, clamps, bolts, mounting brackets and locking jaws should be carefully examined.

6. Safety equipment

A truck must always have a safety equipment kit at all times for emergencies. It must include the following,

  • A proper first aid box.
  • Emergency reflective triangles for emergencies, if the vehicle needs to be stopped in the middle of the road.
  • Wheel clock should be kept in case the truck needs to be parked. It will prevent its movement.
  • Lastly, a fire extinguisher.
  • 7. Paperwork

    Finally, before starting the journey, make sure that all the documents and paperwork are ready to go. The registration papers, permit documents and license documents should be all up-to-date. In case, you keep papers digitally, ensure that you have all the documents ready.


    The above-listed points should be assessed by every truck driver before beginning the journey. It will help ensure the safety of the driver on the road. Furthermore, at times they can face unpredictable situations and emergencies. To be prepared in advance, drivers can enrol in programs that provide A-Z training on truck driving and maintenance.

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