Forex trading has become incredibly popular in recent years, with more and more young and “regular” people getting involved in trading for themselves. Forex can be an extremely lucrative form of trading, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Here are 7 things you need to know before you dive in.

1.     You Can’t Expect to Win All the Time

Markets are volatile by nature, and Forex is no different. Forex is not a magical system where you put money in and get double back every time. The problem for many people is they expect to win a lot before they lose, or hope they’ll be the magical unicorn that never loses. This is a great dream, but completely unrealistic!

2.     You Need to Be Realistic

You need to be realistic about your returns. The stock market has an average return of 7% overall, not every year. Many people expect to put money into Forex trading every month and see 100, 200, or even 1000% returns. It’s unrealistic, so you need to bring your expectations down so you can be pleased about the returns you do make.

3.     You Need a Long-Term View

You need to give yourself time to learn and develop your skills. No one picks up the guitar the first time and is ready to walk on stage in front of thousands of people. The same goes for your Forex trading skills. You can take lessons to get better faster, but it’s still going to take time.

4.     You Can Get Started for Little Money… But You Shouldn’t

At least, it shouldn’t be the only money you have. You can start trading from around $100, depending which broker you use, but if that’s all the money you have to spare, look for another avenue of making money. You need disposable income to get good at trading.

5.     That Said, You Don’t Need to be Special

That said, you don’t need to be anyone special or have experience as an entrepreneur to be a successful Forex trader. If you’ve got the extra cash, you can succeed as a Forex trader.

6.     Always Do Your Research

When you’re starting out, you need to do your research on the legitimacy of any broker you use or any signal app you follow.

7.     You Can Use Forex Signals to Get a Leg-Up

Forex signals are essentially “tips” you can get from more experienced traders and analysts about where they predict the market will go, so you can make trades accordingly. This can be invaluable, provided you choose traders with experience and pay for your signals. Free signal apps simply aren’t going to be as good as the experienced analysts you’re paying.

How Do You Find Trustworthy Forex Signals?

Maksim Konstantinov and Nina Konstantinova (Max and Ninel - check them out on Instagram @forex and @my_fx_journey) are professional traders with a combined experience of over 15 years in finance. These two master traders are joining forces to bring us FXBro, a signals app that’s accessible enough for beginners and experienced traders alike.

FXBro is the trustworthy and easy-to-use signals app we’ve all been waiting for. FXBro is in development and is expected to release in October of this year (2020). They’ll be sharing their signals with members of the app, and guiding beginners through the steps it takes to become a confident trader through their course, FXBro Academy.

Can I Make Money as a Beginner?

Yes. If you’ve got the risk tolerance, you can learn to be a great Forex trader. If you need additional guidance, it’s well worth singing up and waiting for FXBro Academy’s release, as there are a lot of bad courses out there from inexperienced traders that won’t give you the knowledge you need.

If you’re interested in FXBro academy or simply want to learn more about using FXBro’s signals for your trades, simply head to to sign up to be notified about the apps release.

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