I have been one..a highly sensitive child, that is.. Of course, when I was young there was no name for it, and no understanding as well. Now I am a sensitive adult, and most of these rules still apply… once sensitive, always sensitive.

I also have sensitive kids, so I have been through the parenting challenges of raising a highly sensitive child.

I have spent the last couple years researching this phenomenon, for lack of a better term. I have come up with a list of 7 things that every sensitive child wants you to know. There are SO many more things, but I want to give it to you in chunks..

Highly Sensitive kids love nature and animals. They ‘fill them up’ with positive energy, and heal their anxiety
Highly Sensitive kids have a very difficult time sleeping. They hear and see things that you don’t, unless you are also sensitive. So, if they tell you they are frightened by someone or something in their room, please believe them.
Highly Sensitive kids can tune into someone with bad or negative energy immediately. If they don’t like someone, or don’t trust someone, it is most likely for a reason.
Highly Sensitive kids are extremely sensitive to discipline. Because sensitive kids strive only to please, they are very upset by letting down their parents, siblings, and friends. For a sensitive child, words are like knives, so choose them carefully. Be kind and loving with discipline, because anything else simply overstimulates these children to the point of anxiety and fear.
Highly Sensitive kids have very few friends..and they are OK with that. They steer clear of the drama/energy associated with too many friends, and generally will gravitate toward like-minded kids and adults.
Highly Sensitive kids need time to decompress. Everyday.. or maybe a few times a day. To them, the world is a huge overstimulant. By the time your sensitive child makes it through a day of school, an event or sometimes even the smallest issue, they may need to be by themselves to recharge. It is OK. This isn’t unhealthy. It is actually good for them to know when they need to recharge. Encourage it.
Highly Sensitive kids are extremely intuitive. When something needs to be discussed. It is best to be honest with them. They are generally very aware of other’s fears and problems. Therefore, if you are dishonest, and they are receiving a different message/feeling, it is very confusing to them. Trust is an issue with many sensitive kids, so be sure to always reinforce that they can always trust you.

More to follow another day.. peace and love. Brenda

Author's Bio: 

Brenda Dronkers is a life and business coach. She also specializes in highly sensitive subjects, and empowering highly sensitive kids to manage these gifts.