At this time of year, especially, marketing your business is easily the first thing to go when you have a full day with lots of tasks that just can’t wait. But it is possible to efficiently market your business to the right people without it taking all of your time.

So here are the 7 best ways to grow your audience while saving your time.

1. Reuse and recycle. Have you ever heard the statistic that you need to tell your audience something 7 times in order for each of them to year you once? Turn blog posts into Facebook posts, Instagram images into blog pictures, sales email subject lines into tweets, and so on and so forth. If you’re not reusing content, you’re putting in more effort than necessary. Try putting a new spin on older content and see how your audience responds.

2. Spend your time on your title. Whether you’re working on a sales page, a blog post, or a social shareable, the most important things you will write are your title and your call to action. So take your time with those, and you can speed through the rest.

3. Schedule everything in advance. Even if you might have things to share on Facebook during your day, you’re better off if you have plenty of set it and forget it content in the pipeline. And so many services make it easy to schedule everything in advance now. It’s a waste of time and effort if you don’t take advantage of it. Plus, there is something about having 2 or 3 blog posts scheduled and ready to go that really brings your stress level down.

4. Monitor what works. It sounds counterintuitive that taking time to see what’s working will save you time, but it’s true. Check your email open rates, Twitter click-throughs, and Google Analytics regularly to stay on top of what content people are reading and sharing, so when you sit down to plan your marketing, you know where to focus your efforts.

5. Don’t always create – curate. Not everything you share, even on your blog, has to be original. As long as you are giving proper credit and linking back to the original, your audience will appreciate you sharing information that they find useful. A great way to do this is to share information from experts in an field close to yours, not your exact competitors, but similar enough that their advice or work will still be relevant to your audience. For example, if you’re a health guru, share information from a fitness expert.

6. Don’t forget your previous customers. Many business owners make the mistake of selling something to someone, and then moving on to the next person. But your existing customers already love you enough to have bought from you, so chances are, they will do it again. And it will be easier for you because it will take less to convince them because you’ve already erased some doubt in their minds.

7. Outsource your marketing efforts. The best way to save time on marketing is to let my team handle it for you. Because we have specialists who can take on each task involved in marketing, we’ll do so more efficiently than you thought possible.

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