Since the last year, Amazon has added several kinds of extraordinary features into the Amazon Alexa devices on the list of commands is still growing with the help of new changes and updates.

Following are some of the features which the people can take advantage of but for this, they must download Alexa app for Windows 10 PC:

-People can create the voice-based profiles very easily: Apart from the option of having multiple accounts, the single speaker of Alexa also set up several kinds of voice profiles which will very easily enable the Alexa to differ between who is giving the commands and it will help in providing personalized results. Hence, it will allow the Alexa to play music depending upon the personalized taste.

-One can even very easily change the waking word:<.b> People can also go with the option of changing the wake word of the Alexa and one can choose from the options like Alexa, Echo, computer, Amazon and selecting any of these will always allow the people to add a bit of personalization element in the whole process.

-One can delete all the Amazon voice data: Everything which the people speak is normally recorded and uploaded on the servers of the Amazon which means that there will be millions of voice recordings on the server around the cloud. Hence, one can even delete all this kind of recordings so that one can get rid of the things very easily a new one can also be added whenever the people will speak anything to Alexa.

-Alexa can also help in solving conversations and math problems: People can even use Alexa to perform basic and quick calculations especially at the time of making coffee or other things. People can even convert the currencies of measurements into the simple mathematical equations and they simply need to give commands for example Alexa 17×32 and several other things.

- One can stream any of the audio with the help of Bluetooth: The Alexa will go with the option of playing the Amazon prime music and other audible audiobooks. But people can even go with the option of playing the Google play music and Apple Music and for this purpose, they must need to pair the Alexa-based device to the computer or the device which is using the Bluetooth and then they can play any kind of audio which they want and Alexa can even be utilized as the Bluetooth speaker.

-People can even watch the YouTube videos on the Echo Show: Another great advantage of Amazon Alexa is that people can even watch the YouTube videos on the Echo show and they can very easily access the videos through the YouTube website.

-People can use it as an intercom: Amazon Alexa can also be utilized as the intercom option to the Echo speakers within the household and it will also provide the people with a proper direct line of communication to the Echo devices which are spread across the home.

Hence, to avail all the above-mentioned benefits and implement the tricks and tips one needs to download Alexa app for PC Windows 7.

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