You may be like many people who have a strong desire to achieve and maintain weight loss. However, the diets and rules for many diets that you have tried may not have landed you success. This is because many diets do not work. The main tenants of many diet programs are based on deprivation which ultimately leads to weight gain. Below are some tips to help promote weight loss in a natural and healthy way.

Tip 1: The Journey Starts with You

When you begin a weight loss program, you should consider your motivation for starting this journey. Do you feel that you are ready to change your way of thinking at this point in your life. The desire to change your life must be there in order to be successful.

Tip 2: Find a Support Group

Having support during this journey is important. Being able to talk to others that have been where you are will keep you motivated. You can participate in offline and online support groups available. Some people have even found support by reading blogs that other have written about their weight loss journeys.

Tip 3: Begin to Challenge Your Myths

The myths that you have developed throughout your dieting history should be challenged. These myths are what keep you from maintaining weight loss. By facing the truth about eating and dieting, you will be able to reach success.

Tip 4: Know Your Limits

Weight loss does not need to happen quickly. You do not have to jump into a natural approach to achieving your goals and do everything in one day. Take it slowly. Find a few skills that you feel are attainable and begin with those. Natural weight loss does not happen overnight. Move at your own speed.

Tip 5: Love Yourself

One way to begin to lose weight is to love yourself regardless of your size. Finding happiness from within is what counts. Take time to do things that you love and that bring you happiness. Learn to enjoy the little things that take just a few minutes each day.

Tip 6: Alternative activities

One reason that you emotionally eat is to fill a void with a moment of happiness. Begin to discover things that make you feel the same way that eating food does. It is important to keep this list handy. When you feel the need to eat out of emotions instead of hunger, engage in one of these activities.

Tip 7: Think Positively

The number one thing that will help you stay motivated while achieving weight loss is to stay positive. Believe that you can and will achieve your goals. When you begin to feel discouraged about a delay, just remember that your body is doing what it needs to for permanent weight loss. Focus on how wonderful you feel and the pure joy you have in your life.

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The above article is based on the book, "Winning Overeating" by Ofira Shaul. Ofira is a Naturopathy doctor. This experiential, self-development leader has devoted her life to finding the best natural way to obtain permanent weight loss while improving the total quality of your life. Her all-natural program does not require you to use any pills, count calories, or starve yourself.

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