Believe it or not, some way or another we have had the experience of driving recklessly at some point in our life. If we have been lucky, we are still intact in one piece, and did no damage to any other life or property. But not all are that fortunate! Reckless driving has changed the lives of millions because of its severe consequences. Obviously, they are dreading that moment of their lives, wish they could reverse time to avoid that incident happening, and can do anything to stop others from falling prey to the same situation.

But until and unless we don’t face some serious mishaps because of our careless driving, we tend to disbelieve its dangers. If you believe the studies and researches, reckless driving has cost millions to lose their life, and almost the same amount of people to live a crippled lifestyle, and many people ending up in jail. That is why the first thing to understand here is that reckless driving isn’t a joke, or a fun driving experience, neither can it be taken casually. The need to prepare you against it is real!

How can you avoid reckless driving?

This dangerous situation of reckless driving thankfully isn’t anyone’s habit, and is just an impulsive action. And obviously, it can be controlled too. Let’s read about the ways in which you can stop the act of reckless driving, and be saved from mishaps that can happen because of it:

1. Take a short but good course again— if you think your driving skills are getting better of you, and you are driving in careless ways by default, then there is this need to refresh your driving skills. Take a short driving lesson in Werribee from Local Driving Academy to understand the proper knowhow of driving perfectly. Their professional and expert teachers, within a very short span of time, would brush your driving knowledge again, and you’ll eventually get steady in driving.
Never fall for impulse and peer pressure— Most of the times reckless driving comes with peer pressure or due to an impulse to impress someone else. This impulsive action can actually cost you your life, or spoil it by taking someone else’s life. Better think wisely and act calmly always when you are behind the wheels.

3. Never drink and drive— it’s just not alcohol, even if you have taken any sedative due to illness, better avoid driving. This also implies when you haven’t got ample sleep and there are chances you may fall asleep while driving. Rather avoid driving in any such situations and take a backseat.

4. Don’t text and talk on the phone while driving — Today, no one talks keeping a mobile on their ears, but everyone has got ear-pods and earphones to talk hands free while they are driving. This too is prohibited, as you can easily get distracted or overwhelmed while you are on a call, and the same may affect your driving. Also, texting while driving means lack of control on the steering, which again can prove dangerous.

5. Don’t drive in too bad or happy mood — If you are in a state of extreme rage, mostly you don’t understand your own actions. This ultimately takes away someone’s life or causes a huge accident while driving. Also, in times of extreme happiness, you may get carried away dancing to the tunes of your car’s music system and hit a vehicle or human ahead, and the situation can be worse. Better avoid driving for a while until you are in control of your emotions.

6. Don’t overs-peed — Over-speeding is another form of reckless driving. If you cross the road speed limit due to any reason, you are driving recklessly, and this has all the serious consequences we talked about above.

7. Keep a distance from other vehicles — Avoiding reckless driving also means to drive wisely when the opposite person isn’t driving well. You may never know if the car ahead may speed up or stop suddenly! That’s why taking precautions is wiser. Always keeps a safe distance while driving, as it would save you being a victim of someone else’s reckless driving.

Being a vehicle driver and a good citizen, it is your duty to abide by all the rules of the road and transportation laid down by the state. And if you are driving recklessly, you are breaking this rule, which is a criminal activity. Better be in control and just drive, rather than drive carelessly and commit a crime.

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