There is nothing like enjoying it on the beach! Because we know that you love the sea and sunbathing, we want you to follow these tips and make the most of your rest.

1. Pack everything you need

When it comes to traveling, comfort is super important. See how many days you plan to stay in your destination and choose the right amount and type of clothing for your beach adventure. Some shorts, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and of course the swimsuit, are essential items for this trip.

Even if we are in summer, remember that there are places where it is very hot during the day, but at nightfall, the winds can be constant and will make you feel very cold. In this case, a thin coat is not superfluous.

2. Watch out for the sun

Many of us love to tan to have a little more color; And it's fine to do it but without exceeding the exposure time, you don't want to feel sore, be unrecognizable or in the worst case get sick!

Avoid doing it between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm since at this time the UV rays are stronger, do not forget for the world to pack the sunscreen in your suitcase and apply it 20 or 30 minutes before coming into contact with the sun.

3. Hydrate yourself

Drinking plenty of water will keep your body hydrated and healthy to better withstand the hot summer temperatures. If you are going to take long walks on the beach or visit ecological trails, keep your bottle of water close at hand.

4. Have fun playing sports

Surely not every day you can surf, snorkel, have a diving lesson or play a friendly game of volleyball on the beach. Give yourself the opportunity to share with your family , friends or others a sport that you like and is fun for everyone.

5. Be careful with marine species

There are beautiful colored fish, starfish, sea urchins, jellyfish and a hundred species that you will be able to find in the sea or on the beach. Avoid touching or disturbing them in any way to prevent bites or other difficulties, remember that you are the tourist and they are in their natural habitat.

6. Try to swim close to shore

It is fine if you want to show your skills as a swimmer who performs like a fish in water, but do it at a safe distance from the shore. Currents and tides come with great force and can drag you far away. Try to swim with someone and if you have children never lose sight of them, always put a life jacket or float on them.

7. Don't litter

On the beach there are also places assigned to deposit garbage; In case you can't find them, remember to bring a bag to deposit packaging, cans or other waste. Then deposit them in the hotel's bins, thus helping to take care of the beach and preventing another person from being injured by any residue.

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