It takes a lot of effort and in most cases time as well to get blog visitors to land your site! Well getting visitors to your site is the first step but ultimately the goal of any good blogger is to get them to return! Our discussion here is how best to develop your readers into loyal followers by getting them to return time and again!

Below you'll find 7 tips that should prove to be very helpful in getting your readers to become both comfortable with and loyal to your blogging platform!

Let Your Hair Down

By simply being yourself your readers are now exposed to something totally unique which of course is YOU! We all have different ways of expressing ourselves as well as opinions and perspectives that reflect the 'unique' paths our lives have taken! Put these things to work by sharing them with visitors to your site!

Stay Relevant

One thing a good blogger is always mindful of is to NOT veer off the topic which you've based your blog upon! Visitors to your site are seeking content that is relevant to your blogging topic so don't disappoint or confuse them by posting something unrelated!

Post Consistently

Both your readers and yourself as the blogger must be 'trained' on when to expect or post new updates to the site! As the platform administrator you must make every effort to maintain a consistent posting schedule to make it easier for your readers to know when they can expect to see new content! If your posting habits are whimsical, sporadic or inconsistent most people will simply not come back!

Friendly Format

By making the layout of your blogging platform or your updates easy to navigate, viewers won't have to spend (waste) time finding what they're looking for! Although it may seem to take a colossal effort to get people to come back to your blog, it takes very little to discourage them from returning! Having a friendly format is less challenging to your readers thus increasing the chance of their return!

Don't Muzzle Viewers

Always allow for comments to be left so people can be participants and not just spectators! Allowing for viewers to leave their thoughts, opinions or suggestions is something every good blogger must do to keep viewers interest!

Make Subscribing Easy

One of the best ways to get your readers to return is to make it easy for them to 'grab' your RSS feed! Simply locate your feed button in a prominent location towards the top of your platform so people don't have to search for it!

Strive to Help

Many bloggers in search of an income focus more on selling and not enough on helping! Updates to your site should be useful, entertaining or otherwise engaging to your readers! People must be given a reason or motivation to return and this starts with what you post!

Getting blog visitors to land on your site takes work and preparation but converting them into loyal followers is the goal of any good blogger! When blogging, it is ALWAYS important to keep your readers satisfied and their return basically 'validates' their satisfaction! The 7 tips offered above focus on how best to prepare both your site and your updates to convert visitors to your site into loyal followers! If you have any additional suggestions please share them with all of us by leaving a comment!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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