You say what? Yes! We’re serious. You can score a 90 in PTE Listening if you provide Pearson just what they want. However, Listening is the last section of PTE Academic and the previous sections might drain all your energy. So how do you get by the PTE Listening section without running into trouble? Here are a couple of tips to help you achieve a 90 in PTE Listening. And believe me, it is possible!

1. Know the Test: Like every other standardized test, PTE also follows a certain format and it sticks by it. You just have to know what PTE tests you for. If you don’t, it can be a pain in the neck because you will not be able to anticipate what the next question is. So it will work in your favor if you know what the test has. To list it out, there are 8 question types in PTE Listening and their names are pretty self-descriptive:
Summarize Spoken Text
Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers
Fill in the Blanks
Highlight Correct Summary
Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer
Select Missing Word
Highlight Incorrect Words
Write from Dictation

2. Listen Attentively: There is a thing called ‘active listening’ that you must know whenever you are attempting any listening task. Unless you understand what is being spoken in the recording, you would not be able to answer most of the questions because most questions require you to recall what you have heard (e.g. Summarize Spoken Text and Write from Dictation) and others require you to listen to individual words (e.g. Highlight Incorrect Words and Fill in the Blanks). So, in a way, you’re both listening for understanding the broader meaning and listening for details.

3. Time Management: Hallelujah! PTE provides you with an on-screen timer. But knowing how to work with a timer can work in your favor. The first item type—Summarize Spoken Text—has individual timers of 10 minutes each in which you have to listen and type out a summary. The rest of the section has an overall timer in which you have to manage the overall time of 23-28 minutes to complete the overall test. You can always save your time in Summarize Spoken Text by making notes directly on the screen (if you have a good typing speed) and then using your notes to structure your response. Even in the remaining questions that ask you to type such as Fill in the Blanks and Write from Dictation, you can type on screen rather than writing on the scratch paper that you get and then transferring. Be tech-savvy; use the typing space that PTE has provided you.

4. Be Wary of Negative Marking: A lot of standardized tests encourage you to give your best shot and answer all questions and you are not penalized. But PTE is a little bit careful with this especially in questions where students are more likely to make a guess and get away with it: Highlight Incorrect Words and Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers. But the good thing is unlike other exams where negative marking takes away your score, in PTE if you score 2 points for correct options, but score -2 for two incorrect options chosen, you will score 0 points overall for the item. So your marks are deducted for wrong selections from the same item. In such cases, the best possible option is to only choose those options about which you’re 100% sure or you’re ready to put your money on it.

5. Making Predictions: In some item-types, you have to predict what will come next such as Select Missing Word and Fill in the Blanks. You need to have an inkling for what is about to come next. How do you do that? Listen! Listen carefully. Unless you’re ready to listen for meaning, you’ll not be able to predict what will come next. You need to practice listening for meaning, but if you do, you will see a drastic improvement in your scores.

6. Knowing the Options: In most multiple-option questions which form the majority of the test, you must know why an option can be correct or incorrect. In Highlight Correct Summary, you must read every word in each option before you choose an option. Sometimes some words or phrases that you hear are in each option, but don’t be tempted to select the first option that you think is correct on such basis, but rather read each option from the first word to the last. You may be surprised at how the meaning may change as you read each sentence. In other questions, some options might be stated but don’t answer the question. Look out for such trap options.

7. Getting Enough Practice: You can deny the advantage that a good practice offers. But in the ocean of PTE Listening test material out there, remember to select the right practice tests that provide you authentic practice. TCY has a number of PTE Listening Practice Tests and PTE Mock Tests to help you prepare for PTE Academic. And the best part is that you get to practice them on the official interface – just like the one you will get in the exam. Once you attempt each test, be sure to check the Question-wise analysis to help understand the reason why an answer is right or wrong.
If you keep these tips in mind, you will definitely get a top score in PTE Listening.

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