Battling the clock and its effects on skin appearance have led to millions of people spend hundreds of dollars just to look younger and fairer. The discovery and use of Cosmetic Treatments for skin came as a relief to millions of people who are not comfortable with how they see presently. Signs of aging and other skin conditions can be controlled if not eliminated by performing some cosmetic procedures. However, caution should be exercised when settling on a method and the best way of getting it right is consulting your consulting your doctor on what needs to be done and when. Here are some of the seven best cosmetic procedures that will restore your youthful skin.


Here is a procedure tailor-made to treat acne and give you a smooth skin again. Microdermabrasion technique for acne scars uses fine particles or a diamond wand slough cells and stimulate the new skin to grow. Though the procedure can be uncomfortable and painful depending on the depth to which it is carried out, the skin heals quickly, and results are guaranteed. The juicy part is that you can conduct the procedure can be conducted on the skin several times by giving the skin a few weeks break. Majority of clients find Microdermabrasion relaxing in addition to its ability to get rid of acne scars.

Chemical Peel

The treatment works by destroying the topmost skin layer by a chemical, thereby exposing a new layer. Hyperpigmentation and brown spots on the skin are eliminated while risking minimal injuries on the skin. Glycolic or lactic acid is gently applied to the face and allowed to rest on the skin for a few minutes or an entire night depending on the strength of the acid used.

Results can be seen on the skin anywhere from one a few days to one week. Though one is bound to experience a stinging pain, it only lasts for about 15 minutes, and it's affordable. If the treatment is appropriately conducted on the skin, it softens the skin, boosts hydrogen levels, and stimulates collagen production curing Hyperpigmentation and brown spots.


Here is one of the conventional skin procedures in the US known for curing wrinkles, frown lines, and strengths your inner skin muscles. Also known as Botox, it is perfect for getting rid of fine lines around the eyes and across the forehead. One of the main reasons, the procedure is widely accepted is it has minimal pain, affordable, recommended as a safe procedure by various skin experts, and the fact that it can last for up to four months. The effectiveness is always guaranteed, and you can always choose the amount of injectable you want to be used on your skin or recommended by your doctor depending on the extent of damage to your skin.


In our youthful days, our bodies produce collagen ensuring the skin stays firm and plump. As a result, hardly will you find young persons with wrinkles on their face. However, as age catches up with us, collagen production levels decline to result in the loss of skin firmness. The good news to the problem is that you can use cosmetic fillers to restore the sallow areas by use of injection.

The artificial fillers work perfectly like collagen by making the saggy skin firm and plump again thereby getting rid of wrinkles. The treatment can last for up to six months, and you experience minimal pain.

On the cost aspect, it ranges from $400-700 depending on the facility you visit and the extent to which your skin needs rejuvenation. Restylane and Juvederm are some of the common chemicals used in the procedure. Besides, lots of clients who have used the method on their skin have always given positive feedback of a younger refreshed look and a plump face.


The procedure is aimed at stimulating hair growth from the roots. Skin hair is vital for healthy skin as it helps trap moisture to keep your skin hydrated. With a 92% satisfactory rate from clients after one year of undertaking the treatment and no risk of pain, it is undoubtedly the best therapy for your skin hair restoration.

Latisse works by use of bimatoprost which is an active element that causes skin hair to grow without any side effects. Hair growth is noticed within one after using the procedure. However, only a small fraction of clients have a complaint of darkened pigmentation and itchy eyes. For one month supply of the ingredient, it costs you an average of $150.

Finally, the procedure is very efficient in getting your eyelashes back for long, and they get back darker and thicker. Also, you can choose to apply it daily until you reach the desired results.

Sclerotherapy uses injections containing saline to get rid of veins close to the skin surface. While some of the small threads on the skin surface can be handled by laser, Sclerotherapy is used on large veins to turn the veins into scars before fading away. The pain levels on the procedure are classified as mild or moderate.

Every session will cost you $1000 on the upper side, but prices fluctuate depending on the veins treated. Though recurrences may occur after treatment, it lasts for six months.

Laser resurfacing

Resurfacing is a technique that makes use of a laser micro peel aimed at having a smooth ski, well toned and firmer. Light energy pierces through the skin layers to restore elastin, get rid of hyper-pigmentation, restore collagen, and heal broken blood vessels. Results are visible within a week of administering the technique and improvements witnessed as the day goes by and the skin improving with time.

The pain factor varies with depth of treatment prompting the use of anesthesia when administering. On matters pricing, it ranges from $850 upwards depending on the extent of treatment and facility. Wrinkled, loose, and rough skin is best treated by the procedure leading to smooth skin. However, depending on the skin condition several treatments may be required to get the desired results.

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