In this digital world, the mobile app plays a significant role in the online food industry. From a recent report, more than 75% of people prefer a mobile app over a website. A mobile app is more customizable, portable and personalized for individual users.

A driver is an essential member of an online food delivery service and acts as a connecting point between a restaurant and user. A driver app not only helps driver accept or reject orders but also helps to improve the performance of the driver. Here are top features of a delivery app for the driver.

Easy SignUp

To make signUp simple, asking only the necessary information is very important. A driver app must have a simple and intuitive user interface which helps them to operate the app with ease. You should also provide an option to see the password in driver login. This feature helps in spelling mistakes and prevent further confusion.

You can also provide social login which makes login easier. You can also use social information to know more about your driver and, it prevents from failed login.

Requirement & Verification

A driver should full fill requirement like age, driving experience and vehicle type. You can moderate these requirements based on your country.

A driver should submit details like driving license, vehicle registration number, and vehicle insurance certificate to get verified. A mobile app also helps with document verification and to expel invalid drivers.

Profile Management

A driver must provide necessary details like name, phone number and other contact details. An app must provide an option for a driver to manage their profile details which helps them to change contact details if needed. The data also help them in emergency times and to provide customized app experience.

Trip Management

Trip management helps a driver with order details, payment method, location, and fare. This feature supports the driver to manage their trips and keep track of his performance. This feature helps a driver with trip details and also to make an informed decision.

Online & Offline Mode

With this feature, a driver can go online or offline whenever he wants. This feature helps a driver to manage his online presence and prevents from unnecessary trip cancellation.

Earning History

An earning history helps a driver to keep track of his payments, completed trip and canceled trip. This feature provides insight into his earning and further help in the pending amount.


Nothing will help a driver more than a map with navigation. A map with pickup spot and delivery spot helps a driver to deliver the food. It will also help a driver with details like distance, a time taken and traffic.


A driver acts as an integral part of a food delivery business so, it is important to manage and improve his performance. An app with these features helps a driver to improve the quality of the service.

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