The use of cardboard and art came in 1848 when Anne Bronte used these terms in Wildfell Hall. It means a heavy-duty paper and therefore this term is not used in industry due to the vagueness of the term.

Cardboard art means the artwork made from different materials. Since the style, format, and aesthetics of the art is not mentioned in the term, therefore, the artists make versatile designs made of cardboard.

Important elements, however, define the skill but not the necessarily in traditional art historical terms is its contemporary trends.

People love working with cardboard. Why? For starters, it's abundant. Cardboard sneaks into your home every time you bring in groceries and sundries, and you can get boxes for free at most stores just by asking for them. Then there's the fact that you can build big things with it, using only some tape or glue.

Finally, cardboard can be recycled, so it's eco-friendly. People make hundreds of cardboard projects, ranging from small milk-carton houses to cars and huts big enough for their kids to play inside.

1.    Cutting the cardboard

The most common method of cutting cardboard is using a pair of scissors, but it is most of the tome infuriating because it is difficult to handle and the cutting is not clean and proper.

 People most of the time get stuck when it comes to cutting the cardboard. They often get frayed edges and not so clean cardboard.

 The reason people face this problem because they think that a pair of scissors is all it takes to cut the cardboard. NO!! Scissors are not the only cutting tools left; there are Acto-knives, cutters and other cutting tools that are effective for cutting the cardboard in the cleanest way possible.

2.    Structurally reinforcing cardboard

Too flimsy, too thin, bends in the cardboard can be fixed by reinforcing the cardboard. There are several ways of reinforcing the cardboard few of them are industrial X frame, box frame, and crosshatched style.

The industrial X-frame method can be used to stable the cardboard at all points for example in a shelf, making an X frame from cardboard strips through the center from each corner is the best way. When two sides need to be spaced apart but still be aligned and stable i.e. an open frame, box frame can be the best option for this.

 Crosshatched style is used when the cardboard is too flimsy or thin or bent at different angles. In this method, two sheets of cardboard are glued together in such a way that grain of one piece is making a 90 angle with the grain of the second piece creating an internal crosshatched structure.

3.    Frayed edges:

It is common to get frayed edges when working with a saw they are extremely annoying and give out a rough look. The simple trick to get rid of these rough edges is to use a sandpaper.

 Sandpaper can be used to smooth out the frayed edges as it softens out them very nicely thus making the final product look much neat, clean and better than before.

4.    Using the wrong glue:

People follow the philosophy that “any glue can be used” and this is where they are wrong. Different types of glue have different purposes. Hot glue can be used almost anywhere. It works best for joining two cardboards but it is not good for paint. Hot glue can also be used to get a good joint.

Elmer's glue is a good option for joining small parts or areas it can be used when the cardboard is to paint. Then comes glue stick that is used for sticking papers, Cray paper or foil. It is fast when sticking a paper on the cardboard but takes a lot of time to stick a foil.

5.    not painting the cardboard the right way

Painting on the cardboard is what really sets the project apart from others as it showcases the aesthetic and artistic skills of a person. But it can be quite difficult painting on cardboard.

There a few ways that can be used to get rid of any problem with painting. A base color can be used such as white or beige so that the colors may stand out and look vibrant.

There are different textures of paint matte and gloss one can mix both of these paints and can be used effectively. Different brushes should be used for different purposes for example for sharp lines medium-size nylon brushes with flat and head should be used.

6.    Wrong way to shape

People come up with their techniques to shape the cardboard and these are often wrong and the cardboard ends up looking like it has been crumpled a lot of times. Creasing along the grain can produce curvature while working against the grain requires a hard crease or a score so that the corrugated does not break the line.

Fold into the cut, so that there are no exposed layers of corrugation. Wet cardboard can be molded into subtle shapes using a damp cloth and dried in sunlight.

7.    Unaware of the types of boards

When we talk about cardboard, most of the time we’re actually referring to common corrugated C-flute fiberboard. This is the 4mm thick, slightly squishy stuff most custom cardboard boxes are made from. It consists of two layers of rough, fibrous paper, with one inner fluted layer.

There are varying sizes of fluting with thicknesses ranging from around 12mm triple ply to 1.8mm E Flute. The corrugation provides rigidity and bears weight when oriented vertically.

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