What makes a person sexually attractive? Some guys with almost perfect bodies can't get girls while other men who who don't have the looks are surrounded by women. Let's talk about 7 main aspects that make a person attractive.

1. Boldness. Some people do whatever they want no matter what people think. They say what passes on their mind directly. They may go sit down with random girls. They dress the way they like. They may have a touch of goofiness but they respect people. This fearlessness is very inspiring and attractive. Who doesn't want that freedom?

2. Presence. Charismatic men are not living in their dreams of the future or stuck in their past stories. Their future unfolds by living in the present moment. These people are fully present in their bodies instead of being stuck in their mental thoughts. They flow with life in this state of well being.

3. Authenticity. Attractive men don’t hide behind fears and masks. They are authentic, congruent and transparent. It’s not enough just to be yourself. You must remove fears and social conditioning to uncover the powerful and pure authentic self within you.

4. Inner Power. The greatest aphrodisiac for women is power. When someone has inner power, his presence commands respect and he does not need to force anybody. Powerful men have the courage and strength to step up when necessary. This makes women feel safe.

5. Carefreeness. Charismatic men don’t worry about what people think. They don’t worry about the details of their life either. They remain calm when facing problems. It’s refreshing to be around people who lives their lives with so few worries. The big problems of life become smaller and the small pleasures become bigger.

6. Openness. Charismatic men like to meet new people. They do not live defensively. They know how to listen. They learn from other people's experiences. These people are often connected with a lot of people.

7. Awareness. Charismatic men are aware of what happens around them. They are aware of who people are and they can feel a woman’s heart and integrity. This instantly connects people together. It sometimes makes them feel like they have known each others for a long time.

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