When the belly starts growing, the excitement increases with every single moment passing by. What a lovely time it is for the mother and the father to be. The whole journey can never be forgotten. It can only be relished. This one shoot that is the most near to a mother’s heart that she can show to her baby in the future. The whole journey can be made out well in this pretty shoot.

As the belly starts to grow the time for the shoot comes closer. It is when you can feel the baby even more than before. The best time to get your maternity pictures clicked is when you are around 30 weeks pregnant. This is the time when your belly doesn’t feel that heavy that the shoot becomes more of a pressure for you than an enjoyable time.

Here are some ideas for a maternity shoot-

Show off that belly

Oh yes, the most important part of the shoot. The attention of the entire shoot is the little one in the big fat belly. How cute will it be to pose with it on the beachside or in a field full of flowers or under the sky full of stars? It Wear your comfortable pajama set with a bottle of nutella spread all on your hands and on your belly or just pose for the after and before picture, the before picture where you could touch your belly while seeing in the mirror and the other one could be clicked after the little one comes in the world. There are too many ways to show it off and too not much thought have to go in deciding the outfits or the location.

Pose with your husband

Bring back the memories of your pre-wedding shoot with your man back but this time with a twist. One more person is added to your shoot ad they are pretty important this time. This shoot is more than special for couples to pose for their to be parenthood. A hug from the back holding the belly of the mother or just kissing while the sun sets and the belly is prominent enough. The husband kissing the belly will be so cute to capture.

Paint your belly

This is not some random and illogical thing we are asking you to try. This is something actually that mothers do. Don’t just paint anything write something meaningful and capture it. The due date can be written and the mother could pose in different ways.

Use baby toys as props

Little teddy bears and cars or Barbie dolls are the cutest kind of toys and we all adore them. Accept it we love to play with them like a child. Remember your childhood days when these toys were all you wanted, so why not use them as props for your maternity shoot. Not just the new toys in the market can be used for the shoot but also if you have toys from your childhood you can have them. Just fool around with these little things and have the time of your life by playing with them and posing like a baby for your baby.

Wear your gorgeous gowns

No, maternity clothes are not just limited to lose cool t-shirts and pants. Get yourself a customized gown with a long veil and feel like a princess. It is one of the best ways not only to show off your belly but also to bring some excitement in your photographs. A gown of white or any vibrant color is just going to make you look gorgeous more than you are. Wearing your gown on a lake side can make your photo shoot way too glamorous.

Be creative

You do not have to pose like a cliché couple with your belly. Be different! Ignore what has been happening and try new things for your maternity shoot. Some crazy ideas for your shoot can be underwater pictures, snowfall shoot or a miniature shoot. Go beyond limits to capture the most beautiful time of your life.

Choose different places

Why just go to a garden and get your maternity pictures clicked when you have abundant options to choose from. It is one of the best ways to change the theme of your pictures. Even at night pictures can be clicked on the streets. Be a little adventurous and go under water for clicking some amazing pictures. Fields full of flowers or plants are perfect backdrops.

Your most favorite journey will come to an end with your little one in your hands but these photographs can actually remind you of the beautiful time.
Go and have the time of your life and shoot the best maternity pictures for your future!!

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