We are already at the end of the year! And in the middle of the preparation of the festivities probably that renewal that you craved so much will remain pending until the beginning of the year. And even if you have ideas of how your house will look next year, it is always good to look at the trends and look for a style that suits what is trend in the designers .

1. Patterns in decoration.

If there is something that comes with increasing force, it’s the prints! A repetitive design that can be used in many things, from a large painting, some surfaces of your furniture and even your notebooks and your clothes! The slogans repeat a pattern, and ideally in the simplest way propose a new style. Full of contrasts and super suggestive forms is something full trend that you can do yourself!

2. Colorful smooth furniture.

Trends in modern furniture have change frequently. A perfect strategy if you want to give a sense of uniformity to your spaces. If you chose a wall color, this is the opportunity to change your living room, or add some modern chairs to complement your design on the walls. You can do the exercise backwards, paint your house, based on the saturated color of a piece of furniture that you found. The important thing is that it is smooth, and with a tone that looks amazing.

3. Bricks in sight.

As far as styles are concerned, the industrial is taking more followers year after year, simply because it is a simple design, easy to imitate, where you do not have to spend many lucas and you can also let the material speak for itself. And undoubtedly the favorite of all is the brick, a touch of brick in sight will always be a nice way to give an interesting return to your spaces And that generates an immediate impact!

4. The wicker and classic They have returned!

You’ll like it, because it will force you to go shopping at those second-hand stores and even the weekend fair, the idea is to recover all those old furniture and combine them with a super modern design in your spaces! That will give you a relaxed, homely and pintoresque air that you will not regret. Add a lot of indoor plants and the Mediterranean touch It will look fabulous!

5. Walls with design.

This idea is super economical, and easy to do. They are geometric designs on the walls to generate contrast. If you do not want to spend lucas on mural paper, in extravagant wall finishes. This is your alternative. You only need two shades of paint, the base color, and one contrasting, hopefully different so that it has greater impact. The rest you do with paper tape half past and when it dries You have a very nice design! Recomedación of designer , plan well your design on a sheet before starting work.

6. Shocking concrete.

A super powerful material, very modern And beautiful if accompanied by avant-garde furniture design! Do not be afraid of concrete terminations that will always be a sign of style and sophistication.

7. Geometric ceramics

If you had ceramic tiles of your old extension, or want to give a different touch to your kitchen, in a two by three! The idea is that you put some geometric ceramics, and can even be garden cobblestones.

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