Every girl dreams about looking like a princess and getting treated like one on her wedding day. From head to toe, she wants everything to be startling. Therefore, an Indian bride does not hesitate to spend a lot on bridal accessories. Hair accessory has been a part of the complete bridal look and is a trend for a long time. Previously, it was only the Maangtika that was used as a head ornament. However, now there are many accessories available in the market to choose from. Just like any other bridal jewelry or accessory, picking hair accessories for your wedding functions can leave you in a tizzy. Regardless of your hair texture, color or length, you can opt for any accessory you want as there are hairstylists to help you use them.

We have brought to you the top accessories for marriage functions that are currently in trend.

Borla comes from the Rajasthani jewelry tradition that is highly admired by not only brides but celebrities as well (remember Aishwarya’s beautiful headpieces from the movie Jodha-Akbar?) Borla can be worn on functions other than the wedding, such as Haldi, Mehandi, or sangeet. this cutesy accessory will enhance the charm of your ethnic outfit.

Tiara appears to come out straight from some fairytale era. Hence, no girl looks less than a princess by wearing this cutesy headband. For Bridal purposes, there are several varieties of tiara available in the market. A floral tiara is a perfect head accessory for a mehndi ceremony; whereas, you can grace up your persona by wearing a tiara with stones adornment on your western themed functions such as reception or cocktail.

Matha Patti
Matha Patti is an extended version of Maangtika, having two embellished bands attached to either side of it. Movies like Padmavat and Manikarnika have given rise to the popularity of these gorgeous headpieces. Matha Patti gives the bride a royal queen appearance that every girl desire.

Decorative combs
The comb is no more only a hair detangling device for ladies. Decorative combs are a unique hair accessory that has an ability to comb the hair with its bristles while accessorizing hair with attached stone, flower, or other detailing. It is so simple to use yet gives you a stunning look. It can be placed anywhere in your hair i.e. either side of your temples, at the crown, etc.

Just like the Maang-tika, Jhumar looks amazing either you wear it alone or combine it with other beautiful head accessories. This elegant head jewelry piece adds grace to any bride’s look. It used to be a tradition wearing it among Muslim brides only; nonetheless, now it is storming amongst Indian brides of all traditions. Moreover, you can wear them even though you are not a bride. Jhumar can work out solely for your beautiful ethnic dress.

Stylish hairpins
Basically, the sole job of a hairpin is to hold your hairstyle together without being seen. However, now we have got multitasking pins that do their job as well as add moons and stars to your hairstyle. The closest friend of a bridal bun, these decorative pins do magic with your hair and make it look gorgeous without the need of any other head accessory.

Maangtika has always been a part of the Indian bride’s trousseau and dates back ages in wedding fashion. It can be worn by itself or paired with a Jhumar. This accessory instantly turns the look of a bride. There are different shapes and sizes of Maangtika that make it easy to pick the most suitable one according to your face shape. For example, if you have a small forehead, avoid wearing oversized Maangtika.

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