Curly hair are often unpredictable. Usually they are unruly and tough to manage. Only once in a blue moon would you find your curls behaving well. At times, they are simply wild and you don’t know what to do.

On the other hand, curls are beautiful. Well-managed, healthy curls are a subject of envy.

The difference between hating your curls and loving them lies in how you care for them. The best shampoo for curly hair is the one that nourishes it and keeps them hydrated because hydration is the topmost need of curls.

Here are a few tips from experts that will help you keep your curls manageable and beautiful.


  • Detangle hair using a wide-toothed comb. Start from the ends; detangle them first. Then move upwards. Do not yank and jerk your hair while detangling. For long hair, hold a section of your hair in hands while detangling the bottom and then gently comb from up to down.
  • Trim your hair regularly to prevent split ends. Trim them every 6-8 weeks.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner every fortnight or depending on how dry your curls become. You could also use home-made hair masks that contain rich oils and ingredients that nourish and moisturize hair.
  • Use the best shampoo for curly hair, such as Keranique. Such shampoos are deeply nourishing and moisturizing. You could also use one containing shea or cocoa butter.
  • Avoid daily shampooing, as this would dry them intensely. Shampoo them only twice a week with a shampoo devoid of sulfates. Condition them after shampooing.
  • Avoid rubbing your curls together with a towel to dry them. When you come out of the shower, wrap a soft cotton towel around your hair to absorb the excess water. Then let them loose and air dry.
  • Do not comb hair when wet. They are at their weakest at this time. When they are slightly damp, you can begin detangling them.
  • What if you are losing your curls?

    If you are losing hair, get to the root of the problem. First, undergo a medical checkup to rule out any possibility of a medical condition. Get your hormone balance checked. Check for DHT. These are some of the major reasons for hair loss.

    If everything is fine, it could be some scalp issue. Consult a dermatologist.

    Staying in stress for a long time also causes hair loss. There are some great shampoos for hair loss prevention. Bring them home and start at-home hair loss treatment.

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