Since the arrival of YouTube on digital platforms, this medium has become a true sensation for video sharing. Therefore, many people around the world have been interested in using this channel to generate income, becoming Vloggers, so you will find on the network that there are different types of Vloggers.

Currently, YouTube is the third most viewed web page on the Internet and, although many people would like to occupy a space on this channel, it is not that simple. This is because this social network, whose rights belong to Google, reserves the right to accept the membership application, through the Partners program. If you want to become a vlogger, but you still do not define what style you want to have on your channel, then do not worry, we will tell you what to do.

What is Vlogger?

This profession is among the most current and requested in recent years. Thanks to 2.0 technologies, a person who communicates topic or content audiovisuals and earns money for the publication of those contents is known as vlogger or video blogger. Generally, it is the same authors who record, edit and upload their videos.

These digital professionals use the tool provided by YouTube so that, through a channel, millions of people can view their publications. Each video is part of a different theme that has to do with the personality of the Youtuber. For example, it can be a humorist, traveler, comedian, researcher, musician, etc. The production of these segments usually has previous planning, taking into account the sound quality, good lighting and an aesthetic very similar to a television program.

Types of Vloggers

There is a wide variety of content that could easily be shared on YouTube and, in addition, serve to make money. The audiovisual format is one of the media preferred by the public. Companies and professionals have said presently in this social network. We can list 7 types of vloggers:

1 - Tutorial Vloggers

These are videos in which the vlogger is dedicated to teaching how a specific product or specific activity is performed. These types of channels are the most sought after by users because it allows them to easily and directly learn techniques that are useful for their training.
For example, we find vloggers that perform tutorials on the cooking recipes, crafts, DIY, sports, programming, etc.

2 - Interview Vloggers

In these segments the author of the channel takes his camera and interviews prominent personalities, referring to a specific topic that may or may not be current.

The purpose of this type of vlogger is to develop an aspect of the interviewee that the audience would like to know, be it their personal life, or their opinion on a particular topic.

3 - Gameplays Vloggers

These channels are highly sought after by video game lovers. In this case, the vlogger is dedicated to a recording while playing a video game. In this way, it teaches users the techniques to pass the levels and the strategies to pass different screens.

4 - Song Covers Vloggers

YouTube is currently the best tool that exists to watch the latest videos of music artists. Therefore, it is a very good option for new musicians to make themselves known through their performances.

Thousands of people connect to this network daily, so it is an excellent opportunity to boost your talent. You just have to make sure your channel is visible and can be viewed by hundreds of users in the world.

5 - Standup Comedy Vloggers

There are many YouTubers who have leaned into this category. A comedian vlogger is someone who has the job of entertaining an audience and making them laugh. He or she typically develop an overall structure for their act. It consists of producing scenes with great humorous content where they demonstrate their talent.

These parodies are usually starring a character that creates the same vlogger, thus drawing the attention of his followers and achieving millions of visits to his channel.

6 - Travelers Vloggers

Who doesn't like to know about new places around the world? Some vloggers are dedicated to showing those special corners that the public wants to know. They show options for entertainment, food, culture, art, etc.
In this type of channel, the same author usually prepares his own travel itinerary, recording himself. Then edit your videos to share the experience with your users.

7 - Professional Vloggers

In this aspect, we find all those professionals who, although they do not work for a company, like to share their knowledge. For example, psychologists, doctors, artists, nutritionists, trainers, etc.

They are people who have great experience in their trade and who use YouTube to help or give useful advice. To attract followers, you must choose the channel style that best suits your personality. Only then will you succeed as a vlogger.
Have you ever wondered how to be a successful blogger?

Well, these little tips will help you:
• Be original, don't try to imitate others.
• Be original, don't try to imitate others.
• Be careful with the content you publish. Respect the rules imposed by YouTube.
• Use social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to spread your content with more users.
• Take some time to interact with your followers. This way you will build trust.
• Work your brand professionally. In this way, you will gain the acceptance and credibility of the subscribers.
• Be consistent in the publications. Remember that what you don't care for is lost. Constantly you will achieve your goals, work to achieve it.

In the 2.0 era we live in, we want to be more immersed in the Internet every day. And YouTube offers us an excellent audiovisual tool. If you want to know more about the types of vloggers and how to succeed with your videos please follow, share this post.

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