Rummy card game becomes real fun when you start winning like a pro. Have you ever thought what makes an ordinary rummy player an expert? Well, it’s the tips that an experienced player follow to finish the game as early as possible. They are as follows:

Tip 1: Creating sequence is the key to success: A player must form one pure sequence immediately after the cards are dealt. It is a key to success in both online and offline game. After making a pure sequence, try to form one impure sequence. By doing so, your odds of winning will increase and if in case your opponent declares the game first, then you will lose with less points.

Tip 2: Discard high value cards: High value cards such as Ace, King, Queen, and Jack, if ideal and cannot be melded should be discarded. By doing so, you will lose less points. By holding high cards for long duration without the possibility of winning you will end up losing high points if your opponent declares first.

Tip 3: Keeping a track of your opponents’ cards: Though it becomes difficult to keep an eye on each card discarded by your opponents, particularly when there are two opponents, a player must be cautious and active so that he/she doesn’t discard the card that the opponent needs. This tip is always helpful, but a player needs to sharpen their observational skill in this game.

Tip 4: Using a practice table to hone your skills: Before a player decides to play Rummy online, the first thing is to register with a genuine rummy site. As most of these sites have practice tables, a player can practice enough until they become confident enough in their skills. A player should always start with these practice tables or Freerolls tournaments before playing for real money or any tournament.

Tip 5: Making your opponent confused: While playing a rummy card game, a player can use this trick to confuse the opponent. The opponent gets a hint when a player picks a card from the open deck, the possible melds a player is going to make. To distract the opponent a player can pick a card and discard other card which will meld with it, that is if you have a double of the same card. By doing so, it will give you an upper hand.

Tip 6: Quit the game: A player must check and evaluate the odds before making a decision to quit the game. They must quit the game if they feel that the cards are going to take them nowhere in the game. There is no point to stretch the game unnecessarily. Instead, a player should take a break and join the next table.

Tip 7: Importance of Joker: If a player gets a joker, they must use it at the right time as it plays an important role in the game. If the joker is used effectively, there is no card as powerful as the Joker. So, if a player has a joker he must use it wisely. It can be used to make a non-pure sequence or straight card of the same rank.

If you are an enthusiastic player and want to become a pro, by using these tips, you can have an extra edge on your opponent while playing online Rummy card game.

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