How many times did you click your tongue and shake your head in disapproval when you saw someone act out of place? The values of a person are what defines them. And we all want our children to have great morals and values. So how do you cultivate healthy habits in your child? Children are naive and innocent and run after whatever seems cool to them, without knowing whether it is good or bad. But, as a parent, it is your duty to teach them values and morals that will shape their personalities. Here are seven qualities that you need to teach your kids.

1. Honesty
Honesty is one important value that your child must learn as it influences relationships. Therefore, always make your kid understand that honesty is hundred fold better than lying. Kids usually tend to lie when they do something wrong, as they think they will get punished. So, as a parent, you need to tell them that honesty can be rewarding as well. Eventually, it will only help them grow stronger. Set an example for them by following it yourself.

2. Respect
Does your kid swear and talk carelessly with you or with his/her friends? Most kids do, at a young age. Children are usually sharp, and they try to do everything that elders do. So, refrain yourself from swearing, arguing, and shouting when you’re with kids. Also, talk to your kids with respect, and they will learn the same. Another mistake adults do is that they talk down to waiter staff, janitors, or anyone who they think are inferior to them. This will just make your kid think that they can talk rashly to people and can get away with it. Teach them that every person should be treated equally and respectfully.

3. Responsibility
Imagine your kid breaking an expensive vase by accident. What would you do? Probably yell at them or tell them how expensive the vase was? This is where you’re making a mistake. Agreed, you will be annoyed with such things, but your reaction to their actions will have an impact on them. Talk to them in a polite way and stay away from spanking or verbal abuse. Your positive reaction will plant a sense of responsibility in them. So next time in the case of a mishap, instead of running away, they will stay back and take the onus!

4. Bullying
When you talk down to a person, your kids will get the message that when someone is weaker than you are, you can use force on them. Bullying is born out of lack of the respect, primarily. The issue is so profound in schools that it has resulted in many tragic incidents. Tell your child firmly that bullying is off-limits and also make sure your child knows how to take his/her stand against bullying.

5. Giving back
We all are part sponges, and we devour whatever we get. But we never think about giving back. Unfortunately, we fail to realize that we’re not keeping the give-and-take balance intact. So, when we talk about giving back to society, teach your children the importance of charity, supporting social causes and building communities. This will keep them grounded and help them appreciate the little things around them. Such values make them a liberal individual.

6. Dedication and determination
Dedication is another excellent quality a kid should learn. Talk to your children, teach them determination. Stories of great kings, legends will always have the attention of children, and you can convey the message through the bedtime stories. Teach them not to settle for whatever comes to their way. Walk with them as they fight for what they deserve. However, monitor your kid’s attitude from time to time to make sure his/her dedication and determination won’t turn into arrogance.

7. Tenacity of inner self
As kids grow, they go through different phases. While some may be harmless phases, others may pose a threat to your kid’s personality. This usually happens with teens, due to sudden physical and emotional changes. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach your kids that things are temporary and nothing is more important than having a firm grip on the inner self and not letting it go.

As parents, you need to cultivate all these values in yourself before you start teaching anything to your kids. Children learn everything from their parents (can’t stress enough on this!). You don’t have to be role-model parents, but you can at least try to be positive parents right?

Author's Bio: 

Lavanya Pallapi is a stay-at-home mother who spends all her time around her two hyperactive kids. She experiments with different parenting styles and likes to share her experience with the rest of moms. A bookworm and a coffee lover, likes traveling!