Viral marketing is generally regarded, and rightfully so, as a promotional strategy that can easily expand your online presence, sometimes overnight! Being able to leverage the efforts of others unlike many of the other online marketing strategies is what really makes this approach so appealing and effective.

Here is a quick review of 7 very effective tools you can easily incorporate into your business to boost your online presence and make the most of this particular promotional strategy!

Social Networks

Considering developing a relationship with somebody who then takes one of your remarks or recommendations and shares it with their friends in 'other' circles! This is a very viral way of sharing your message but through the efforts of others! If you want to really boost your online presence social networking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so!

Social Bookmarking Sites

These site are all about SHARING therefore their potency can not be ignored. Bookmarking sites share and exchange favorite sites amongst its members much like sharing a great book with a friend or family member! These sites are 'enormous' in terms of membership and when you consider how many different ones exist online...well do the math!


These sites are always a great source for answers to your questions but do not overlooked the viral potential they also hold! Your own participation in any discussions on these sites should be accompanied by not only your name or ID but your business link as well! Any useful, insightful or otherwise thought provoking comments you do leave will draw notice and your link will then draw traffic as well! This is one of the most effective, subtle and targeted online marketing strategies you can use!


Web 2.0 finds its roots in blogs which are interactive 'mini' and highly targeted social sites therefore their popularity is based upon user interactivity and sharing. By the way sharing is another way of saying viral if you follow where I am going with this! Get a blog and share your message with countless others by simply posting to your own 'mini' social site! Let others carry forth your message thereby once again helping to increase your online presence!


Article submission bases it effectiveness on your content being passed along, freely, to other people, organizations or business. This promotional strategy can be somewhat labor intensive however its viral capabilities make the effort very worthwhile!

Free Giveaways

People who opt in on your squeeze page, one of the most commonly used online marketing strategies, normally receive some type of free gift. This gift is usually in the form of a report. Encourage people to share it with their friends. By maintaining your business link within the report you have now increase your exposure with just one opt in!

One quick note here is that you want your report to be viral worthy so be sure it contains useful, relevant and timeless information! This will also help increase your opt in rates as well!


In this social media crazed day and age videos are a huge hit with much of the internet community. Creating a video that creates a stir for its message or even humor can be a tremendous boost to your online presence. As we all know videos circulate like wildfire on the internet and if your interests or talents lead you in this direction by all means go with it!

Viral marketing continues to be one of the most effective online marketing strategies in terms of its ease of use and the results it yields! If your intent and/or interest is to increase your online presence this particular promotional strategy is unrivaled by any other!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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