As a personal trainer, you should endeavor to create smarter ways to make workout Shorter for those clients who are tired of spending too much precious time in the gym. Of course, your passion and goal is to make sure your clients are getting the most out of their training sessions with you.

Don’t get me wrong, some or even most of the clients love the feeling of intense batter lungs and sore and tired muscles. But they don’t always like how much time they spend in the gym from their busy schedule.

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If you’re a trainer who has a dilemma like this, you need to find ways to make your client’s workout shorter yet effective in every session with you. In this article, I will show you how to implement the following 7 ways to make workouts shorter for your clients without sacrificing results.

1. Ways to Make Workout Shorter – Give Your Client a Chance and have a concrete plan for them

If your clients are new to the world of fitness and exercise, don’t be too hard on them; don’t expect them to pull off an advance exercise right away. Also, expect that most people walked into the gym without any clue of what they’re trying to accomplish.

As a trainer, create a concrete plan ready to rock for new clients. Here’s what you should do: get your warm-up drills ready, your clients’ exercises, the number of sets and reps, and what weight will be used.

To make your clients’ workouts more effective, determine their fitness level, and help them progress at a slow pace to a fitness level that is right and suited for them. Also, it is vital that you know your clients exercise goals and create a plan that will help them to be successful in their fitness lifestyle.

2. Ways to Make Workout Shorter -Give yourself and your clients an assignment

Most clients only do fitness training once or twice a week with their trainer depending on their schedule. Some only do once and then idle for exercise for the rest of the week. To help your clients stay on their track, give them assignments, like jogging 5 kilometers twice a week before going to their training sessions.

As a trainer try to experiment with exercises that will fit your clients’ fitness level. One exercise that I recommend is “superset” an exercise that can be done consecutively. Unlike straight sets, where you finish all the sets and reps of one exercise before moving onto another exercise. A superset can target a different body part that isn’t tired by knocking out other exercises while resting your legs.

Work on this body superset, resting for 30 to 45 seconds between exercises:

1. Goblet Squat
2. Dumbbell Bench Press
3. Chin Ups
4. Standing Anti-Rotational Press
With this order, you can make workouts shorter for your clients but also hit muscle groups in about the same amount of time as straight sets.

3. Ways to Make Workout Shorter – Give Few Exercises

If you have a new client who wants to strengthen their chest and core. Don’t give them all the various exercises you can give like doing a barbell bench press, a decline bench press, an incline bench press, dumbbell chest flyes, pushups, cable flyes, and etc. Not only that this is a waste of time at the gym, but it’s also pointless.
Instead of doing all these exercises, just pick one or two key lifts—like bench presses and pushups for chest—and use a heavier amount of weight. Then, the next time your client has a session, try to use slightly more weight. This will make your clients’ muscles will grow.

4. Ways to Make Workout Shorter – Try to Motivate Clients and give better Warm Up

Be sure to make your clients responsible for their activities outside of training sessions such as their food intake. Also, try to increase your clients’ motivation like finding specific exercises that they enjoy. Having a fun and good exercise for your clients may help them achieve and even exceed, their fitness goals.

Simplifying your clients warm-up routine can make a difference. Instead of stretching or jog on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Start by foam rolling for two to three minutes, and then do a quick warm-up series like:

1. Bent Over T/S
2. Walking Lunch with Overhead Reach
3. Lateral Squats
4. Bear Crawl
5. Rotation Medicine Ball Overhead Slams
With this exercise, you can save your clients time and prepare their body better than any treadmill or jump rope routine could.

5. Ways to Make Workout Shorter – Eliminate Distractions and set a time limit for your clients

As a trainer, try to eliminate your clients’ distractions such as wasting time sitting around the gym and kill time by scrolling through social media. Instead try to implement rules such as no texts, no social media, and no books or magazines. Just hit the gym, keep your head up, and do your workouts.

Also, it’s best to give your clients a time limit in their workout routine. If their workouts last too long, set a timer and force them to race against the clock; once their timer goes off, give them the motivation to finish those last few reps. It might seem too harsh for them at first, but eventually, your clients well used to the pace and find it more effective.

6. Ways to Make Workout Shorter -Make Substitutes

We know that getting into the gym in the weekdays is a heck of a busy day. And Despite our efforts to stay active thru the whole training session, your clients might find waiting for a trend mill, bench press, or T-bar row to be available. Instead of waiting, let your clients encourage for substitute workouts.

Want the barbell bench press? Grab some dumbbells and find a bench or do floor presses. Want T-bar rows? Use cables or do inverted rows on a Smith Machine.

7. Ways to Make Workout Shorter – Keep It Simple And Consistent

There’s no such thing as completely effortless fitness—to be strong, fit, and healthy, you’re still going to have to work out. But to make your workouts feel effortless, keep them simple and consistent.

Efficiency is all about maximizing productivity and minimizing wasted effort. Get rid of complicated routines or working for only one muscle group at a time and switch to simple, effective exercises that are easy to do and work for multiple muscle groups at once.

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Establishing a routine for each client and showing up on time for each session is crucial for establishing effective personal training. Consistency should also be shown when motivating a client. A way to show consistency through motivation is to end each training session on a positive note with information about your client’s progress and words of encouragement.

Keep in mind that each client is different and what might work for some may not work for others. To be a successful fitness trainer and to establish relationships with client/s make each individual clients’ training sessions effective – use discernment, keep an open mind and always have a positive frame of mind.

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