Every Child’s Learning process is different and Unique. The way a Child show interest and Learn Things varies. Mastering Skills in the Children one has to take care to develop them. The traditional way of Learning while a Teacher vigorously teaches Students has changed Instead Children are made to come up Inquire, Engage, Think and understand the concepts in real time scenario This makes them learn to remember the concepts and apply them.

What makes Children Learn Things easily:

1.Activity Based Learning: Creating activities and learning through them makes children learn easily.

2.Educational Tours: Educational Tours that are beyond classroom reading is very important in learning Things and develops enthusiasm

3.Asking Questions and Engaging: It is a Question and Answer phenomenon the child gets involved and engaged. Asking Questions and getting them to answer helps them think of one Topic in different ways thereby applying in different ways

4.Innovative Programs: Thinking Innovatively in every concept is very important in these days. Making Children indulge in various Innovative programs is a good way of Learning

5.Learning Games and Play: Learning Games and Play is very crucial in Children life helping them to learn from each other making things interesting

6.Allowing to express and learn independently: Allow Children to express their views freely and independently

7.Making reading a Habit: Make them reading a Habit. Reading Good Books also helps to increase knowledge.

8.Involving in Arts and crafts : Getting children involving in Arts and crafts is the best way to make them create things out of nothing

9.Storytelling and Imaginative Thinking : Involving in Story Telling and allowing the to Think in their Imaginative way also develops them

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