Have you ever considered that constant self-doubt may be what is holding you back from success? With self-doubt, the belief that you have what it takes to succeed diminishes. You are always putting yourself down.

It is hard to live a happy life if you are overwhelmed by self-doubt. You are not able to reach your highest potential. And you wonder why others are able to accomplish much more than you. Obviously, if you can get yourself out of the way, you pave the way to success.

Ways that you can beat self-doubt:

1. Daily affirmations. If you struggle with self-doubt on a daily basis, then having regular reminders can help. A great way to do this is to create daily affirmations as reminders to trust the self. Keep in mind that the most effective affirmations are the affirmations where you say what you want to happen, as opposed to constantly saying what is currently happening in your life.

2. Do the unexpected. Have you ever noticed how you sometimes live your life too afraid to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone? The next time you feel tempted to do the same old thing, surprise yourself and everyone else and do something you would not usually do.

This does not mean that you should run out and get a full body tattoo or shave your head. Rather, it helps to step out of your comfort zone and learn about cultivating confidence in effective ways. When you are in self-doubt, you feel like you are not able to accomplish anything. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the best self-doubt buster because you will never find yourself stuck in a predictable rut.

3. Regular exercise. How often do you exercise? Working out on a regular basis is important because exercising releases endorphins, and these endorphins are like a natural high. As a result, they improve your mood, and they can help you feel more confident and better about yourself. If you feel yourself slipping into a funk, it is important to take the time to exercise. If you get into the habit of working out regularly, you will be less likely to hit such a low point.

4. Align with your vision. We have all experienced the feelings of self doubt that arise as a result of not reaching the goals you set in the past. To help you move forward, create a vision. Align with the picture that you wish to bring forward into your life, rather than what has happened in the past.

5. Encourage others. Many times the best way to stop doubting yourself is to help others overcome their insecurities and feelings of self doubt. Although you may not have all of the answers, when you take your focus off of yourself, you will not be able to wallow in self-pity for an extended period of time.

6. Have fun. Another way to avoid self-doubt is to have fun. Usually feeling of self doubt are heightened when you are not enjoying your life, so do your best to have a fun filled life.

7. Stay accountable. When the feelings of self doubt creep back into your life, those feelings can be paralyzing. Instead of ignoring them, it can be tempting to give into them and revert to your old ways. When you have someone you can talk to, it is much easier to keep a positive attitude.

Although these are some very effective ways to overcome feeling of self-doubt, remember that they are not the only ways. Every person is different, so find out what works for you and stick with it.

It is possible to beat self-doubt. Building confidence in yourself is a practice, especially if you have lived with an inner critic for a longer time. You will discover that the greater your ability to quell the voices of doubt, the greater your ability to attain success.

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