Over exercising, running on uneven ground or even walking fast on the treadmill can cause acute knee pain. Extreme climatic conditions may also result in painful knees and sometimes knee pain can also be caused simply due to aging.

Whatever be the cause, knee pain can be extremely painful, not to mention it can restrict the very movement of a person. The good news is that if the pain is because of an injury or because of weakening of the muscles surrounding the knee, then with a few simple steps the pain can be reduced to a large extent. However in the case of severe knee problems, it is best advised to see an orthopedic doctor and follow his prescription.

This article lists 7 ways to reduce knee pain caused by an injury or weak muscles.
1. Strengthen Quad muscles and stretch-One of the most important steps to help reduce knee pain is to strengthen the quad muscles that surround the knee. Also always make it a point to stretch your hips after your work out. This will ensure there is less or no knee pain in the long run.
2. Ice the knee- If you get frequent knee cramps or if the knee joint hurts while working out make sure to ice it regularly. Icing is essential especially in case of workout injuries; it helps reduce inflammation and thus pain.
3. Visit a physiotherapist- Physiotherapy is a perfect cure for severe knee injuries. The physiotherapist over a period of time will help to bring back the knee’s strength and also reduce pain that has built up. The slow yet specifically designed knee exercises will work the joint sans the impact.
4. Acupuncture- Acupuncture is a relatively new treatment technique that is known to have helped many people get relief from acute knee pain. Visit a known doctor who practices acupuncture and try a few sessions. It is most likely to do you good and will help reduce your pain by a great deal.
5. Replace your exercise shoes- Worn out shoes are sure to cause knee pain. After 10- 12 months, the cushioning gets lost out. If you are exercising daily in the same pair of shoes, make sure to replace them after a year.
6. Reduce body weight- Most of the body weight comes on the legs, more specifically on the knees. If you have constant knee pain, it could probably be because of excessive body weight. Make sure you reduce weight; this will automatically help in reduction of knee pain.
7. Take vitamins and medication- One of the main causes of joint pains and bone breakage is vitamin deficiencies. Make sure you take a multi vitamin regularly or at least consume your daily dose of Vitamin C, D and K. This will help in preventing degeneration of the knee joint. Also take calcium supplements for overall bone strengthening.

Above all, the key to good knees is ample rest in between vigorous physical activities. Also, never overdo exercising if you have bad knees. High impact work outs and old age are bound to cause knee pain sooner or later. If you wish to live a healthy life with good knees, remember to exercise moderately, stretch well and take your vitamins regularly.

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