Developing and staying motivated with your fitness program can be difficult. Let’s take a look at 7 ways to keep your motivation up and stay on your fitness program.

1. Write your goals down – For any type of goal whether it be fitness, career or money writing down your goals has proven to be the best way to stay on track.

2. Exercise with a Fitness Buddy - Working out with a friend is a great way to stay motivated. You can motivate help each other stay on track.

3. Remember Your “Why”- Your need to focus on the end result or your goal. Why did you start the fitness program? Regularly review your reason because your “why” will keep you on track.

4. Give Yourself a Reward - Many people forgot this part of the motivation. They workout day after day, but do not reward themselves. Make mini-goals out of your ultimate goal. If you lose 5 pounds one week reward yourself with a massage or going to movie or concert. Make sure the reward is going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Make the goal non-food related.

5. Exercise with favorite music – When I workout I always have my ipod or mp3 player with me. The music at the health club is not that great or annoying. Remember this is your fitness program and create your own soundtrack. I really like dance music or something with a great beat. When I do certain workouts I find myself listening to the same songs like when I run I want something fast and uptempo. When I am cooling down I want music a little slower and relaxing.

6. Aim higher – Big goals motivate. Losing one or two pounds is not motivating enough to keep you on track. Pushing yourself to higher goals is how you can keep on track of your fitness goals. Goals are meant to push you past your comfort zone. You need to stretch yourself from what you have traditional done in the past. Set a goal to run a mile in 7 minutes or run a longer distance than you ever thought possible.

7. Start a blog / journal – Keep track of your daily workouts. You can compare you notes or entries with your workout buddy. The journal will show you where you are struggling, but also show your successes. Take the time to re-read your entries. To stay motivated you want to see where you started and where you are today.

For me reading my journal has been one of the best habits because we easily forget how little we initially could do. Remember this is journey not a destination. With a journal we can see how far we have come in our fitness program.

There you have it. 7 ways to stay motivated about your fitness program. Staying motivated through the ups and downs is the key to accomplishing your fitness goals.

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