1. Identify your requirements, needs, and wants. Do not solicit friends and family to tell you what they are; do this inner work on your own. If you need to ask your friends and family, then you really do not know yourself well enough to have a relationship yet.

2. Be clear about the qualities of your mother, father, and other role models in your life who taught you about how to have a relationship, how to communicate, how to manage money/finances, etc. And pay attention to which qualities you are attracting and no longer want to versus which qualities bring the best out in you. Focus on the latter, that which brings out the best in you.

3. Stop the accidental attraction. The way singles go about attracting their soul mate is by going out repeatedly until someone pays attention to them and then they go whole hog into that relationship, sticking with it until the ultimate realization this is not the one, sometimes ending a marriage that never should have happened. That is what I call accidental attraction.

4. Start intentional attraction. Learn how to screen, sort, and find your match using a proven process; some shameless promotion here, take the Singles courses or private coaching I offer to learn how to start intentional attraction leading you to Your Soul Mate.

5. Learn how to communicate - this is a critical skill to have in order to attract, create and have a sustainable, loving relationship. Learn how to communicate when you are stuck, emotional, hit a wall, etc. Invest less than $20 in the Communication Map.

6. Identify and know your core values. Core values do not change over time. They do not change depending on who you are with; they consistently center and ground you.

7. Identify what type of person is a match for you. This seems to be the most difficult exercise for singles to undertake. Be reasonable. For example: (a) if you love cats and have a few cats that you adore and love, don’t invest time in someone who is severely allergic to cats unless you are completely willing to give up your cats and move to a cat-free home for this person. Don’t be foolish and think that the person will magically become completely tolerant and not allergic to cats because you both fell in love.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Darshana Hawks is an engaging and enlightening relationship success expert who is passionate about empowering individuals in having beneficial and loving relationships. Life has so many demands on us today that relationship development can slip on our list of priorities. Most people tend to plan for their career, investing in education for their profession, and plan for their wedding arrangements, but fail to plan or get educated for the most important relationship in their life.

Dr. Dar is here to educate you on how to create and have a wonderful relationship that works. Her goal is to educate you on properly planning and setting realistic expectations for your relationship and/or marriage. She teaches singles how to be clear about who they are so they can begin to attract the love of their life and helps them make the right relationship choices. For married couples, she guides them to properly communicate and connects them to each other by using clear and applicable tools and skills.

Dr. Dar simplifies things so that you can quickly see options and solutions that were previously inaccessible. The benefits of working with Dr. Dar include solving problems quickly to see immediate results and changes in the relationship, peace of mind, feeling of accomplishment, and better communication with an upbeat excitement about the future.