There are 7 essential Lessons in Using the Law of Attraction.

1.) Gratitude. Be grateful for everything, everyday, all day long.

2.) Choose Good Feelings. What you give out to the world in feeling energy, you will attract back to you, so choose happy feelings.

3.) Law of polarity. Every thing has an equal and opposite, its like magnets. Like attracts like. What are you magnetic to?

4.) Attention. What you place your attention and focus on, you will bring about in your life.

5.) Intention. Make specific affirmation of your intention to have whatever it is you want. Use present tense language.

6.) Ask for what you want. Give yourself permission to ask for whatever it is you really, really want.

7.) Allow yourself to receive. This is the most difficult one for many people, because we live in a "it's better to give" society. However, receiving is actually giving, in reverse. Simply open up your heart and allow it to happen.

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