Do you want the benefit of hypnosis without paying for a hypnotist?

If you want to go into the details of self hypnosis how to,
think about getting a self hypnosis guide to teach you the basics.

Meanwhile, here are some valuable techniques for self hypnosis guide that you can start practicing right away,
in the comfort of your home.

    Practical Tips for Your Self Hypnosis Guide

1. Find a comfortable and private place, like sitting on a cushion or comfortable chair.
While lying down seems obvious, you are more responsive to hypnosis when you sit up.

2. Close your eyes and concentrate on letting go of stress, anxiety or fear. This can happen most easily if you
simply observe your breath. Just become one with the in-breath and the out-breath.

3. Pay attention to the tension your body holds. Gradually release the tension in your
muscles beginning with your toes. Work your way up by bringing your awareness to each
part of your body, all the way to your face, the top of your head.
See your body as getting more and more relaxed as you do this.

4. Breathe slowly and deeply, seeing the negativity and tension leaving your body as you exhale.

5. Picture yourself at the top of a stair-way and slowly count to ten as you descend the stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs you are completely relaxed and safe.

6. Look at the issues that are bothering you. Tell yourself, "I am now ________".
The blank is your end result. For example, "healthy and vibrant", "happily in a relationship with my loving partner", etc

7. Now count to ten and ascend the stairs. When you reach the top, take a minute to relax and then open your eyes.

You may wish to write down your suggestions before you start so
that you are clear on what to visualize when you are in your most relaxed state.

Get creative in discovering what makes you most relaxed.
A few more examples:

Imagine that you are sitting in a peaceful setting in your beautiful dream home.

You can imagine that you’re walking along a beach or that you’re in some other outdoor environment,
like a meadow.

Perhaps you are floating inside a peaceful white cloud.

Or cradled in the safety of a strong loving caretaker

This kind of visualization helps with the self hypnosis induction process and actually help you feel more relaxed quicker.

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