No matter what country you are in... Christmas and New Year celebrations have drawn to a close... if not finished completely, it's certainly dwindled down to a trickle!

No matter what you did over Christmas and New Year to celebrate, it is more than likely you ended up a few more kilos (or pounds) heavier than you were prior to the holiday season. Even if you stayed at home and did nothing, chances are you overindulged to some extent... by drinking more, eating more, eating... then more drinking... and don't forget the Christmas cake and pudding... and all those left-overs that just Have To Be Eaten! (My mum used to say "I have to eat it to save its life!" Yeah right mum! I really believed that one!)

I would love $1 for every time I've heard "I've got to go to lose this weight I gained over Christmas!"... this is expressed by both men and women... of all age groups!

So, have you got a bit of unwanted flab??

Well... here are 7 sure fire tips to help you on your way to get rid of it!

1. Make a commitment right now! Not tomorrow, not when the chocolate you were given for Christmas (I was given lots!) is all eaten, not when the kids go back to school... no excuses! Just make the commitment to do it right now.

2. Make a contract with yourself right now... in that contract, put your name, the date, what you are committing yourself to do, and also add a completion date (the date that you are going to stop doing what you have committed yourself to do).
Making a contract is more binding... it gives you more incentive and motivation to stick to it. See it as any contract... and take it seriously as you would any other contract.

3. Set a short time period you know you can stick to ... I have just set a 21day period for myself where I will not eat any sweets e.g. biscuits, cake, chocolate (its all sitting on the fridge and it doesn't mind waiting), ice cream...
I know I can do this for 21 days... I'm in my 4th successful day already so I have only 17 days to go!

4. Set your timeframe with a particular event coming up... for me, on the 27th of February I'm going away for 2 nights with a couple of friends... and once I'm away... I can relax! And I will give myself that time off.

5. Start practising thinking, seeing yourself and feeling like a person who has no flab! How would that person think? What thoughts would go through their mind... e.g. this is going really well, I'm energetic, junk food has no place in my life.
Each time you are thinking about the chocolate cake... change your thoughts immediately and have thoughts about how well you are going!
Each time you see yourself as flabby... change it immediately and see the weight melting off you.
Each time you feel flabby... feel yourself as an unflabby, wonderful, empowered person!

6. Make your actions congruent with your goal... in other words, no exceptions to my sweet ban. Each time I automatically go to have a biscuit with a coffee I say to myself "will eating this biscuit bring me closer to my goal... or take me away from my goal?"
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out the answer to that one!
So... if you have made a contract you know what you are going to eliminate.
If you find yourself automatically picking up something that you have contracted with yourself not to eat... go for something that you can eat! If you find yourself sitting for hours on end watching your favourite soapie... get up and move about!
Drink lots of water... when you feel hungry, drink water!

7. Remember... what you think about and what you put into your mouth... is entirely up to you! It's your choice! No one else's... but yours!
Empower yourself right now... and choose to have thoughts that will keep you on your path... and choose to put in your mouth only those things that will take you closer to your goal... and choose those actions that will lead you to success!
Remember... your choice!

These are just a few easy-to-use sure-fire tips on how to get rid that flab! There are dozens more things you can do... and we can talk about them at a later time.

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Jeanne May of Aspirations Plus, works with spiritually minded people providing them with information, inspiration, guidance and support to achieve their goals and dreams.
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