With the ever-increasing pace of life and the demands placed upon us, we are experiencing more and more prolonged periods of stress, which can lead to burn out and more serious illnesses if not dealt with. Fear/anxiety related illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression, have reached epidemic proportions.

The main reason for this, from my experience both personally and professionally is people have lost touch with themselves and what life is about. We have been living in a world that has dictated how we are to live and have become almost like robots. As a result of this we have lost touch with what is really important to us, our core values. There seems to be no time anymore to relax, play with the kids, read a book, do hobbies etc. People don’t seem to enjoy life anymore. Everything seems to revolve around money and work. This is not how life is meant to be lived.

Well there is a global grand awakening that is occurring right now, as more and more people are reaching a point where they are no longer willing to live this way, and asking themselves questions like “Is this all there is to life?” or “What do I really want in life?”, “Who am I?” People are looking for simplicity, balance and more inner peace.

There are many ways we can help ourselves to bring back those qualities into our lives and alleviate the fear and anxiety we may be experiencing. Listed below are some strategies that will help you experience more peace and joy, which may in turn lead to creative solutions to the challenges you may be facing.


First of all let’s look at fear. Do you know it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real? 99% of our fear is produced in our heads. This is due to experience or programming and conditioning from different sources. You either allow it to control you or not. We have been programmed to allow it. Yet you have the power to dissolve it and to do so instantly. There are different fears we have, so let’s explore a few.

• Fear of failure – you never fail! You only experience. It is through experience we grow, evolve. Life is all about experience and evolving.
• Fear of change – nothing ever stays the same. The universe is constantly in motion. You have to accept this, embrace change rather than resist it and go with the natural flow of life. Again through change we grow. We have to get used to stepping out of our comfort zone (also known as the dead zone!). When we resist change, problems occur.

• Fear of rejection – when you allow fear to engulf you and stop you from doing what you feel or need to do for fear of rejection, you are basically rejecting yourself. So the rejection has already been done. This is another deeply embedded program, worrying what others will think or if you will be good enough!

• The biggest fear though is “Fear of your power!!!!” As Nelson Mandela said in his inaugural speech, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. It is that we are more powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us!!”

There really is no thing to fear. We have been so heavily programmed to fear, and now it is time to break free. That is what the global awakening is all about. So we are in times of great change, great uncertainty, as people begin to wake up, take back their power and live life the way it is meant to be, one of peace and harmony. One of abundance. The chaos that you are seeing globally is this transformation.

The old ways have to dissolve in order for the new to emerge. So for many, fear is coming up in a big way. Fear of change, fear of what is going to happen to them and the world. Yet we have to go with the flow as the changes are necessary. We each have to face our fears, dissolve them, and take back our power, let our lights shine! So here are some tips to assist you.

1. The best way to deal with fear is to look at it, not run from it. Remember it has no control over you unless you allow it. Think of when you walk into a dark room and switch on the light. Instantly the darkness disappears and this is the same when you look at fear. Imagine a laser beaming at it as you look and watch how it disappears. It has to. For many the fear is deeply embedded and so will keep reappearing for a while. Just keep on looking at it, and breathe. The only way is through and you will see this is true. As you face your fears or even just be aware that you are feeling fear and be willing to observe it, it will disappear. (This takes courage at first, but I can share from my own experience it works, so persevere!)

2. When you are feeling anxious or panicky notice what happens to your breathing. It becomes shallow and your heart beats faster. Your body also stiffens, can become almost frozen in a way. You need to get more oxygen into your body to calm you, get the energy flowing again, and use that adrenaline that is being pumped out. So you need to physically move and breathe deeply.

• Just start by taking 3 long, slow deep breaths as deep as you can, putting all of your attention on it. As you breathe out let a sigh or sound come out. We all do this naturally, just not aware usually. This begins to break the thoughts that are creating the fear or anxiety.

• If you can go and take a brisk walk or jog in nature. As you walk/jog, breathe deeply and focus your attention on nature, what you hear, see and feel. Feel the warmth of the sun, the wind; hear the sounds of the birds, the wind blowing through the trees. See the many colours of flowers, trees, etc. and the many birds and animals. Do your best to keep your focus here. Whenever you find your mind wandering back to the fearful thoughts, bring it back to focusing on breathing and then nature. That is the most powerful way to get things moving. Doing this in combination with the exercises below saved my life. I always make sure I walk at least 3-4 times a week, even if it is only for 30 minutes as I love the beauty and gifts of nature. I find that many solutions and inspirations come my way during this time and I ALWAYS feel better when I come back.

• If you can’t get outside but are able to move, stand with your feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent, arms about 12” away from your body, palms facing forward. It is important to keep your knees bent, and create space between your arms and body, so that energy can flow and the body is less rigid. Also by standing it helps to ground you. Keep your eyes looking straight, not down as this can make things worse, and head erect as if you had a hook on the top of your head pulling you up. (When you look down you lose energy. Just look at the posture of someone who is happy and someone who is not and you will see the difference.)

• Begin to breathe deeply and slowly in and out. Notice if you can get your belly to rise as you breathe in and lower when you breathe out. You may this too difficult if you tend to breathe shallow, so do your best. One small step at a time is all that is required. Keep your attention on your breathing, feeling the air flow in and out of your nose. This focusing will help to stop the mental chatter that is making the problems seem impossible to resolve. This is basically what meditation is, focusing on one thing. Continue this for several breaths. If you find you get dizzy then stop breathing so deeply and go back to your regular breath. This is also best done outside in bare feet. Nature is a powerful healer.

• Once you have done a few breaths, then begin to alternate lifting one leg at a time, bending your knee and crossing your opposite arm over and placing your hand on the opposite thigh. Repeat several times placing your hand on your opposite thigh in a gentle flowing motion. Don’t rush it. Breathe in as you lift your leg and place your opposite hand on it and out as you lower your leg and place you arm back to its original position. Get into a rhythm, keeping your eyes looking forwards. This makes you be present and focus on what you are doing, and in turn interrupts the fearful/anxious thoughts, breaking the pattern. The knees act as a pump and help to increase the energy flow. This will greatly assist you and you will notice a difference, maybe not immediately but very shortly after.

• Another way is by imagining a ray of sun coming in through the top of your head, traveling down your spine and legs, and out through the soles of your feet into the ground. As you breathe in, feel the warmth of the ray flowing down and into your head, and as you breathe out, feel it flow down your body into the ground. Repeat several times. Imagine all the fear/anxiety flowing out into the earth to be dissolved.

What all of the above do is help to break the thoughts that are infusing the fear. Did you know that we have roughly 60,000 thoughts a day and yet there are only a few that keep repeating themselves, just like a tape. It is these thoughts that feed the fear. So we need to break them.

3. Meditation is the most powerful tool to do this. Meditation is basically training the mind to focus on one thing. So whether we are focusing on our breath, or movement or nature, we are breaking those thought waves.

There is another part to meditation. There is a part of us that is much bigger than our minds. It is our spirit which is connected to the universe. Our spirit/authentic/real self can instantly transform fear and provide solutions/clarity. We connect with our authentic self by going within and being still. Most people are completely out of touch with this aspect of themselves and yet this is the key to not only alleviating all fear, but providing the life you truly desire.

When you tap into your spirit, you will experience inner peace. So it is very important each day to make time to be by yourself and be still. I know this can be uncomfortable for many at first. However it is essential to learn how to tune into yourself. Believe it or not you know inside what you need to do to help yourself in each moment. You actually have all the answers within. You just don’t realize it, have forgotten this. When in fear mode, all solutions seem impossible as it blocks you from thinking clearly. As Einstein said, “You cannot solve the problem with the same level of consciousness.”

We have many patterns, habits that are fear based/negative that we have had for eons and are not aware of. In order to change habits you need to be aware of them. In order to be aware of them, you have to know yourself. In order to get to know yourself, you have to spend time with yourself. Get the picture!!!

• Just start by sitting quietly and taking 3 deep breaths. Then go back to your normal breathing and just focus on it. See if you can feel your natural rhythm. Notice how your chest, belly lifts and lowers with each breath. You can even place your hands on your belly. Every time your mind wanders, gently bring it back. The key is not to get pulled into your thoughts. Just notice them and continue. Imagine them like clouds floating by. This does take practice so be patient with yourself.

• Then go through your body telling each part to relax. See if you can feel the area let go as you do so. This really keeps you in the moment and breaks the mental chatter. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Start with 5 minutes morning and night if you can. You will find it makes a difference. This is the best way to start to get to know yourself again, to connect with your spirit and will assist you in more ways than you know. It is a key to inner peace.

4. Rescue Remedy is a natural flower remedy that consists of 5 flower essences that immediately calm you. They basically neutralize the fear/anxiety you may be experiencing and are good for all types of trauma. Picture the essence flooding the area and dissolving it. You just put 4 drops under your tongue. These are flower essences so cannot harm you and you cannot overdose on them. So you can take as many drops as you like throughout the day. When I was going through some tough times I basically lived on it!!! It really assisted me. You can purchase it at any health store and some of the big supermarkets now carry it. As a sideline it can be used on animals, children and plants too, so a great thing to keep in your medicine cabinet.

There are other natural supplements/herbs available that assist in calming you and helping aid sleep. B complex is essential as it calms the central nervous system. 5HTP is great for depression and as a sleep aid. Magnesium helps with relaxing muscles and sleep. Holy Basil is also good for calming as well as L’Theanine. To assist with balancing the adrenal glands, Borage oil is good and Maca for helping with energy levels.

5. Keeping a journal is another way to assist. It allows you to put your thoughts on paper, thereby creating space in your head, and often when looking at what you have written, solutions appear. It also helps create self awareness.

• Write daily at least 10 things you are grateful for. This also has the power to shift negative feelings.

• Make a list of what brings you joy and peace. Notice how you feel as you think of them. That warm pleasant feeling transforms fear! Now look at your life and see if you are doing those things that you love to do. If not then here is a BIG clue for you. If you truly desire to live in abundance in all areas of your life, you must live from your heart. You must live doing what you enjoy, what you feel passionate about.

• Your spirit is extremely creative and so when you give yourself a break from the mental chatter, inspiration often comes. Ask your Higher/ real self to show the way. Let your creativity come through and use it. It is another powerful tool.

• Write down what you really want in life. What is really important to you? Be willing to let go of what you don’t want, no matter how scary it can seem. If you are doing things you don’t want to do, it is affecting you on many levels. The global transformation we are currently experiencing demands that we let go of everything that is not working in our lives and focus only on what does. I know this is scary, had to do it myself. But the rewards are well, well worth it!

People are going through massive changes right now in their lives as they move back into their power and begin to live life the way it was meant to be.

The key is teaching yourself to stay in the moment, in the present by focusing on what brings you joy and peace, no matter what is going on in the outside world. Remember that the media are paid to deliver negative news, to keep people in a place of fear. So what is the next tip?

6. You got it. Stop watching and listening to the news. I have found from my own experience that I am told what I need to know. Also stop watching programmes that are violent as this has a subliminal effect on you, further infusing you with fear, even if you are not aware. Only watch movies, programmes that give you a sense of peace, joy.

7. Last but not least, it is essential you develop a loving relationship with yourself. We are heavily programmed to believe that we are not good enough as we are, so constantly comparing ourselves to others and striving to improve ourselves. We are perfectly ok as we are. We really are our own worst enemy. No one berates us more. So it is time to be gentle, loving and patient with yourself as you let go of the old ways, and allow the real you to emerge.

Remember that your fear programming has been with you a long time and will take a little while to change. Also that the whole planet is going through a huge transformation, so everyone is being called upon to do the same thing. Break free from the fear and live in peace. I have used all the above tips and found them extremely useful on my own journey and others I have worked with. May they also assist you on your own journey to freedom?

Author's Bio: 

Kay Proudfoot is an inspirational speaker, teacher, life coach, healer, artist & writer who created her company, The Proudfoot Connection, to assist people in these times of great change. Everything she shares she has experienced, both personally and professionally. She knows what it feels like to be kept prisoner by fear and what it feels like to be free. Her passion is teaching and she does this in various ways from 1-1 coaching, to teleseminars & courses and also travels around the world as guided offering live weekend seminars. She has created inspirational products, guided meditation CD’s, cards and e-books. For further information visit her website proudfootconnection.com