Do you have a low self-confidence? Is it holding you back from being and doing the things you really want in life? Do you frustrate yourself when you don't feel like you can really go for it? If so then here are seven top tips for boosting your self-confidence whenever and where ever you may be. Here they are:

Regardless of your current feelings view yourself in your minds eye in the situation you wish to be in. If you are worried about starting a new job then see yourself walking into the office on the first day happy and confident walking up-right with positive body language. If you are striving for success on the sports field then run a short movie clip through your mind of how you wish the game to be. At the beginning of a game you can visualise how you will make the first tackle or how you will go around the goal keeper and so on. Doing so really helps build your self-confidence as you can actually see yourself getting the required results.

If as inevitabley happens a negative thoughts enters your mind and starts to drag you down and of course it is bound to happen at some point, then deliberately and consciously release it. You can do this by simply moving on to the next more positive thought or if you find this difficult you may wish to place a photo of a favourite place, person or thing in your wallet which you can take a quick glance at which can then immediately stimulate positive thoughts and feelings just like flicking a switch.

If you are facing a problem rather than focussing on the problem itself focus on the tools or positive things that you have at your disposal to overcome the problem. Make a list of the positive assets that you have going for you however small you may deem them to be and bear in mind that: 'If you think you can, you can'

Get a grip of yourself. It is easy to build a problem up to be much greater than it really is through our own fear and worry. You may find it useful to actually write the problem down, doing so can often help put it into perspective and remove a ot of the worry immediately.

Some people find it useful to memorise a few affirmations that they can repeat to themselves for inspiration when they are struggling for self-confidence. repeating affirmations focussing on what the words mean and not just mindlessly repeating them can help inject positivity into your actions immediately.

Realise you are greater being than you probably think you are. Take a look now and assess your strong points, your skills and abilities. Once you have done this then add another 20% onto what you previously thought you were capable of for we all know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, why should this be any less true for you or I?

If you have any belief in a higher power, God, or whomever relax and remember that their love is surrounding you, guiding you and providing you with opportunities which ever way you look. Allow the power and feeling of security to flow through you and feel it build up inside you and raise your self-confidence.

So, there you have seven quick tips to boost your self-confidence. Try and make it a habit to use the above techniques as often as possible, doing so will help your mind naturally on its own ooze with positive thoughts creating a self-perpetuating cycle of positive thoughts.

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