The world today is getting more interconnected. Success cannot happen if you are in isolation. For your business to be successful, you need to build good relationships. It is inevitable that you need the support of your clients, suppliers, friends, family, and colleagues. You need to interact with all parties. In fact, your business success grows in tandem with the health of your relationships with the world. The more harmonious your relationships, the more your business thrives.

Here are 7 ways to cultivate good relationships for a successful business:

1. Show care. When you show care, you will be surprised how much happier the other person will be in his or her interactions with you. When customers know that you care for their interests, they will invariably give you business. Customers can also become friends when they know how much you care. Likewise, when family members and friends know that you care, they give you loving support.

You also need to strike a balance in your relationships. Having only good relationships with customers but without the blessings of your family can create a strain. It also means that sometimes no matter how busy you are at work, you need to find time for your family.

2. Share your knowledge. When you share your knowledge, you are also empowering others. Customers appreciate information to help them make decisions. Your business partners also prefer to work with someone who knows his or her stuff.

3. Create open lines of communication. Be open to feedback. Refrain from viewing feedback as criticisms. Instead, use the feedback to look into areas for improvement. Hence, set up customer support networks that have friendly representatives at your front desk. Invest in training programs for your customer service support staff, so that they are able to handle feedback professionally.

4. Commit in your relationships. Show commitment by spending time in your relationships. Do not expect others to treat you nice if you do not take the time to cultivate relationships. It may mean spending time to do leisure activities together. Within your company, you may want to host events like sports day or family outings. With your business partners, it can be about playing golf, going out for meals and plays together. Needless to say, spending time bonding with your family is crucial.

5. Be positive. Everyone likes to hang around with positive and inspiring people. If you are negative all the time, no one enjoys being near. Positive people have an energy about them that draws loyal relationship partners.

6. Increase lines of communication. There are several ways that you can connect with others. With advances in technology, you can connect via the handphone, email, twitter, facebook, letter, etc. More and more businesses are using social media. It is a good idea to use the various web channels to increase lines of communication.

7. Participate in interest groups. The best way to connect is to show your support for interest groups. Of course, do not fake your support. Participate actively if you have a genuine interest in the welfare of a specific cause. It may be for a charity organization or a hobby. Having a presence can also be free publicity for your business.

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