There has been a lot of talk about inflation, depression and recession lately. There are only two ways to really “shield” yourself from the dire news that are flooding the media left and right; one is to move to a remote cave in the Himalayas. The second (and easier) option is...

to transform your current “prosperity vibration”.

And how do you know that you’re NOT vibrating in a negative frequency regarding money and prosperity? EASY. I have a quick quiz to all my personal coaching clients who face money challenges. Throughout the years, I was able to track SEVEN characteristics possessed by those who have financial “dramas”.

Take a look below and see if any of those applies to you at this moment...

1- The lack consciousness

This is the classic attitude of the pessimistic individual. Those people who always focus their attention on the empty half of the glass. Their subconscious minds have been conditioned to see only that which is lacking, thus they block out or filter everything else.

No wonder why they’re broke; they keep on looking for what is missing, and the worst thing is that they verbalize it through constant complaint.

2- Low self-worth/esteem

This is a modern syndrome that affects more people than you can imagine.

Our educational and social systems are not very good at “producing” strong and confident individuals on a massive scale. We are usually measuring ourselves by those unrealistic standards created by the media and Hollywood. No wonder why many can’t think they are good enough, or cute enough, or fit enough.

But the truth is: You receive according to your sense of self-worth. Your FINANCIAL life can and usually reflects that attitude. Reflect about that, please.

3- Resentment towards the “filthy” rich

Words have power – the power to move others, and the power to reprogram your subconscious mind. We must be VERY careful with the terms we use. In this case, I want to call your attention to the expression “filthy rich”, used by many people unconsciously.

What the word “filthy” reminds you off, dear reader? Who in heavens created this expression? I do not know, but one thing I can deduct; whoever created that expression had a negative view of the rich.

What about you? Do you resent the super wealthy people in any way? What are your thoughts and comments about them? Remember that we can’t be rich if we have an unconscious repulsion or resentment towards them.

4- The belief that there’s never enough

It may not be your case particularly, but many good people DO believe that there’s not enough for everyone. They actually think that the rich are taking something away from everybody else. They criticize and judge the so-called “elite” and love to blame them for all the problems of this world.

Come on! Let’s wake up and take responsibility for our own destinies. There are infinite number of ideas to be materialized, infinite inventions and discoveries to be made, and enough prosperity to feed and clothe the world thousands of times over. If you stop blaming and do your part, that is; if you CONTRIBUTE to this world, you will help create more value and wealth to all of us.

5- The “hard work” mentality

This is a classical one that I hear most of the times. As good old daddy said: “Junior, you have to work your ass off to provide for your kiddies, buy a house and guarantee your future. No hard work, no money, no money, no honey...”

Hard work is a honorable thing for sure. But I’d rather follow the path of “smart work”.

What do you think about the statement above? Some will think: “This guy is lazy”, “he wants to earn easy money”, “there’s no easy road”, etc.

Well, you are free to think as you want and I don’t really care about what or how you think at this point. I am just asking you to go inside and check this aspect of your life. Do you think that those who work easy and make a whole lot more money than you are somehow cheating? If you do, you have resentment towards them, and guess what; you will never become one of them.

6- The “parental imitation” syndrome

Our primary models in life are our parents. We learn how to walk, talk and express ourselves by observing them and other adults around us. Now, one thing that many do not know is that we also learn how to perceive and deal with money from them!

What was your parents’ relationship to money and finances? Did they criticize the rich? Did they argue about money in front of you? Did they live in a state of lack or a state of prosperity?

You may be imitating them to this day. It is NOT your fault though, but just the way you were “taught”.

7- The “I’m holier than thou” syndrome (or money is not spiritual)

And to conclude, another classic attitude. One that I have heard over and over again form BROKE people. The concept that money is NOT “spiritual” (whatever spiritual means to you).

These kinds of people perceive having plenty of abundance as some kind of sin, or a violation of "spiritual laws". But guess what? They are very glad to accept donations and hand-outs. They even open “non-profit” organizations (which are VERY profitable by the way). BUT, what keeps their church or temple alive and kicking? You guessed it...M.O.N.E.Y. (forgive me God).

In reality most of these people have one characteristic; HYPOCRISY. There’s nothing good or bad about money or about having PLENTY of it. MONEY is NEUTRAL, what we do with it is what counts.

So, if you’re still hallucinating on the idea that the “poor and humble” will have a first class ticket to heaven, WAKE’re not in Sunday school anymore... GOD is the richest guy in the UNIVERSE! And He wants to share some of that with you...

Do a reality check and see if you have any of the characteristics above...your financial future depends on it.


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