Depending on where you look there is a lot of great information out there on how to build muscle up. However provided here are a few seldom mentioned tips that can certainly aid you in your quest for muscle mass. Here they are:

Try drinking green tea. This can inhibit the enzyme that inhibits nor-epinephrine which mean that you should experience raised levels of this muscle building metabolic hormone which can also aid in weight loss. It is also full of anti-oxidants and can help significantly in terms of post workout recovery and also general health.

Ingest the healthy fats. These are crucial for correct working of many parts of the human body for example the heart, brain, production of energy and the regulation of hormones too. Oily fish, natural peanut butter, avocado and oily dressings are all excellent sources of this.

Take on board casein protein. This type of protein takes a greater length of time to digest so therefore it creates an ongoing release of protein. This is excellent if you eat it before going to sleep as your body can make use of it throughout the night for growth and repair.

Consume 20 grams or more of whey protein immediately upon rising. Upon rising take a protein shake. This will put a stop to the catabolic state of your body that you may have been experiencing whilst you were asleep and also give you a solid start on achieving your protein intake target for the day.

Try using dropsets for those bodyparts that you have difficulty making grow. This intense technique can produce growth in even very stubborn hard to grow muscle groups. Simply do your set as normal and when you have squeezed out your last rep reduce the weight by 10 percent and do more reps, then reduce the weight once more. Continue this as long as you can it will provide you with an extreme burn and probably leave you extremely sore the next day.

Consume plenty of water. It is wise not to understimate the benefits of being well hydrated during the entire day. water is of upmost importance to all muscle building reactions in the body and that includes reactions for muscle growth.

Keep learning and educate yourself. There a great variety of alternative strategies to develop your physique. try out alternative methods and find out which one helps you build muscle the most.

So, by applying some of the above weight gain tips you should be able to build muscle mass even faster than before. Finally, good luck.

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