Having an organized house is a great way to save time and get the most out of your effort when you dedicate an afternoon to cleaning.

One major area that needs to be organized is your closet. Precious time can be wasted trying to figure out what to wear if your closet is unorganized. There are most likely garments at the bottom of your closet that you thought were lost.

Maximizing Your Shelf Space

Having a shelf in your closet is great, but if you start piling folded sweaters and other clothing into adjacent piles, the piles of clothing can become lopsided or maybe even fall over. After you pull clothing from the pile to wear and then start putting the clean laundry back in the pile, it is hard to keep the pile from becoming the leaning Tower of Pisa.

You can use Shelf Dividers to make structured sections on your shelf. This way, clothes will be neat, organized and easy to keep track of. Shelf Dividers are also easy to place on the shelf and to remove.

Using Door Organizers

If you have a large collection of hats, you might consider using the Overdoor Cap Organizer. This organized unit hangs over the door and has space for two dozen caps.

Another benefit is that the pockets are clear vinyl for ease in locating your favorite cap. You can also utilize the space on the door rather than having your caps strewn on the floor or taking up valuable real estate on your shelves.

Hangers You’ll Really Love

When you hang your pants in the closet they may not always stay neat. If hung even the slightest bit incorrectly, pants can fall off hangers or get creases in them. Not only do you want to keep your closet organized, you also want to make sure that you keep things easy for yourself.

One way to keep things easy is to not use hangers that are going to give your pants creases. Slack Hangers allow you to hang your pants easily. With Slack Hangers, your pants will stay neat and crease-free.

If you have ever tried to hang sweaters or shirts with wide necks you know that it can be difficult to get them to stay. The straps continuously slip off the hangers unless you clothes pin them on.

Soft Grip Hangers make organizing your closet a lot easier. This is mostly due to a distinctive “flocking” feature that causes the clothing to remain on the hanger. By using a product such as Soft Grip Hangers you do not have to worry about finding clothes pins or hanging your dress straps crosswise over the hanger to stay on.

If your closet is too full then your hangers are most likely too close together. This makes it very difficult to find what you’re looking for.

With the Set of 2 Steel Hanger Cascader hangers, your closet space becomes maximized. This product enables you to hang up to six times the amount of clothing that you could hang on a conventional hanger. Cascader hangers can increase the space in your closet so you have room for new clothes!

Protecting Your Clothing

As you organize your closet, you may discover that some hangers have been stationary for so long that they have collected dust. If the hanger has dust, then it’s likely that your unworn clothing is also getting dusty.

You can slide Vinyl Coverettes over clothes hanging on the closet rod and they will shield your clothing from getting dusty or mildewed. Vinyl Coverettes also use slits instead of zippers to allow easy access as well as remove the possibility of fabric getting caught in the teeth of a zipper.

If you are looking for a way to also protect your off season clothing from moth balls, you can use Cedar Hangers. These space saving devices allow you to hang up to five pieces of clothing. Cedar Hangers are also fragranced with cedar to deter moths.

Getting a house in order is no small task. However, this unenviable chore can be made easier by handling the difficult areas, such as a closet, first. If you are on target with your personal closet space, you will be one step closer toward organizing your home as well as maximizing your potential and saving valuable time.

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