Remember a time when you felt like you were “in the flow?” Imagine breathing easily as everything lines up effortlessly. Opportunities show up. You are supported in being your best. You feel good, you look good. You like the people around you. You enjoy this moment and you look forward to the future.

Here’s the good news. There is a formula for this outrageous attraction. It isn’t a secret. Perhaps no one taught it to you, yet I suspect you have known it in your heart all along. All you need to do is practice it.

This formula is effective in both your business and your personal life. Start with yourself – then you can expand to your business success.

1. Be aware of your feelings. Pay attention to the callings of your heart. Emotions are one small aspect of your feelings. Emotions cycle between happiness, sadness, fear momentary distractions. But feelings are a measure of truth. Start listening. You will find the truth within.

2. Do more of what makes you happy. Pay attention to the people, the surroundings, your activities, what you say and do and what you read, watch or listen to. If it seems to raise your vibration closer to joy, do more of that. Ask your inner guidance and trust yourself to know.

3. Move away from things that drain you. Some activities rob you of joy. Mindless television or web surfing leave you feeling numb and unconnected. Overeating can leave you feeling bloated and lifeless. Some tasks deplete you of life energy. And toxic people can bring you into their no-win dramas. Look for life supporting alternatives.

4. Take care of your body. Bodies need good nutrition, exercise and rest. And of course bodies appreciate medical care, massage and lots of hugs. Your body will give you very clear feedback on how to care for it. Pay attention to the food that energizes you. Avoid the foods that drain you.

5. Choose how you spend your resources. Allocate your time to things that matter to you. Spend time with people you care about. Use your money wisely to bring you more of the good things. Review you choices regularly.

6. Be willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone. What feels good one day can become a prison the next. Your personal best is always growing. Enjoy life in humility. Discomfort can be a temporary emotion, yet it can also be a good feeling of growth and personal challenge.

7. Let go of the past now. Whatever happened yesterday is gone. You can’t make it better, you can’t ruin its glory. Address the challenges of this day and you have power. Take only the lessons from yesterday and leave the baggage.

Would you be willing to do these 7 steps over and over again? Could you revise and revamp them along the way? What difference could it make? Are you willing to find out?

It is your journey, from beginning to end. How great to experience it fully. There are joys and sorrows, but more than that – there is your outrageous choice to say YES to the spirit connection.

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