Marketing on the internet can be as hard or as simple as you make it. Many starting an online business go in with the assumption that online marketing is more automated then it really is. Relying upon automation this heavily often results in the failure to develop an effective and workable online marketing strategy. Without any 'direction' or strategy as to how results are going to be achieved many aspiring online entrepreneurs end up failing to earn an income. Quite often this failure is due to the same common mistakes.

Here are 7 common mistakes committed by many starting an online business due to their inaccurate assumptions about online marketing.

(Failure to) Build a List

Failing to collect names in order to build a list of email addresses you can continuously promote to is a BIG mistake. Building a business online is a long term process that requires time and effort. An integral part of that process is collecting and developing a list of email addresses that you can promote well into the future. By doing so you are able to take advantage of the efficiency of both your cost and effort while still growing your business.

(Failure to) Build a Relationship

When you build a list for your online business you first want to develop a relationship with list members BEFORE you start promoting to them. This helps to strengthen their loyalty towards you and makes your promotional efforts easier.

'No Ask No Get'

As your relationship with list members grows now is the time to begin promoting your goods and services. It is not necessary nor is it recommended to make every email message promotional in nature. On the other hand do not be shy about marketing to your list either since this is why you collected names in the first place.

Lacking Perseverance

Do not expect that every time you promote something the people on your list will buy since this is unrealistic. It is important to understand that on average it can take up to seven contacts with a person before they make a purchase. In other words DO NOT GIVE UP after one or two attempts!

Overusing Graphics

Placing graphics or using multi-media tools on your site is perfectly fine as long as it aids the selling process. Be careful to NOT overload your site with too many distractions however since this will be an annoyance and distraction for your website visitors. You want them to clearly understand the message on your site which of course is to make a purchase.

Ineffective Sales Copy

Copy writing is how you sell anything on the internet and if you do not know how to produce effective sales copy either learn to or hire a professional. This should be considered a very important component of your overall online marketing strategy.

Look around online and examine the various sales letters and see how they are written. Notice how they 'target' certain emotional triggers in the reader and at what point in the sales copy this done. Copy writing is a talent that can be learned and if you take the time to do so it will be one of your most valued assets.

Expecting Not to Work Hard

An online business differs from a traditional off-line business only in that the primary means of communicating to your customers is through the internet. Online entrepreneurs must first invest their time and effort in order to see their businesses grow and flourish. It is true that many tasks can be 'automated' it but you will FIRST have to establish a business to do this.

If you are thinking online marketing is an easy road to overnight riches you have been misled. Online marketing is a way to realistically build a solid and lucrative business in a 'relatively' short period of time but only AFTER an investment of time and effort.

Many tasks can be automated when marketing on the internet however online entrepreneurs must also take an active role in their business in order to succeed. Assuming that a business can run itself and sell to customers WITHOUT hands on involvement by the owners is a fallacy that leads to many business failures. The need to develop a realistic online marketing strategy along with the willingness to 'ask for the sale' is vital to the success of any online business. The 7 common mistakes reviewed here today are by-products of assuming your business can run itself. In the end the income you are able to earn will be in proportion to the time and effort you invest in your business.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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