When it comes to your appearance, you must give careful attention to your dress, grooming and accessories. Potential clients or employers will judge your quality of work by your physical appearance. What does your image say about you?

Consider these important facts: 67% of first impressions are accurate. People judge you firstly by what you wear, then by how you speak, and then by the words you say.

In six seconds you have made a lasting impression, and 55% of that impression is made up of non-verbal communication. Statistics show that people who are bright, verbal and attractive make more money and are more successful than those who aren’t. A smile is 60% of your image.

Image starts with the way you dress and encompasses everything you say and do. Don’t allow your image to distract from your true potential.

Listed below are some mistakes I am sure you did not know you were making. These violations are genderless.

1. Wearing suggestive clothing- men as well as women are guilty. Just remember you don’t want to expose too much skin or wear anything too tight.

2. Don’t bring someone to the office party who has not been invited.
The host may be working with a limited budget. Also the office party may be a mix of business and social.

3. Don’t whine about your job or the boss. Make no mistake about it; the conversation will get back to your boss. You will be seen as not being a team player and as someone who cannot be trusted. Whining about your boss or job is an absolute no- no.

4. Don’t get too personal in your conversation, income or age.
Some people want to keep their work and personal life separate; if you ask questions that are considered too personal you may be seen as a busy body.

5. Don’t gossip. Gossip hurts people. It is also rude and immature. I find that weak people gossip.

6. No rubbings or fondling body parts, playing with jewelry or hair.Non-verbal communication as defined by Wikipedia: is usually understood as the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless messages. I think this definition say it all.

7. Skipping introductions. The way you handle yourself is just as important in the office as it is at a business lunch or any social function related to business. Again, not making proper introductions is rude to both parties. If you’ve forgotten a person’s name, admit so, and ask their name.

Remember your image is very important. Making small changes in your image and social skills will accelerate your business success, allow you to express your true business abilities; make you more money and enjoy an incredibly exciting career. Express your potential quietly and effectively without saying a word.

Author's Bio: 

Walethia is the founder of Grace and Charm Success System, which includes over 30 unique training programs designed to improve organizational and personal behavior, business and social graces and effective team building. She is also host of Success with Grace and Charm radio show and has been a guest on over 100 other television and radio programs.

She has received numerous awards including the "Total Image Award" for her outstanding work in the image consulting profession and has been featured in Women in Business magazine and other publications.
She resides in Michigan with the man of her dreams.

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